Will Smart Home Automation Change The Modern Living Forever?

Smart home automation is what transforms your regular house into a ?smart house?. Smart home technology is like a magic wand that helps you do whatever you want and whenever you want. It has altered the traditional ways of doing simple tasks such as opening a door or switching lights. It has enabled us to control our electrical appliances, like a hidden outdoor wifi camera or TVs through wireless devices, that can be connected either through the internet or by using Bluetooth. The increasing demand for automated devices has led to the invention of a diverse range of automated devices that are available in the market conveniently. 

Smart home automation is what enables you to do the minor tasks by either just pushing a button or by voice commands. As charming as it may sound but like everything else, it has pros and cons that leave a major impact on our lives. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages that we should keep in mind while considering altering your house into a smart house:


  • Smart home automation tools have eased the process of doing our day to day actions. If you forgot to switch off your heating system, it is not a problem anymore. You can switch it off while sitting in your office using your smartphone or tablet that will be connected to the heating device through wifi. Home automation tools are energy efficient. They can help you decrease your heavy utility bills. For instance, you can set the schedule for turning on and off your heater and then you will not have to worry about keeping track of when you have to switch it off. Or else, the automated heaters can also adapt to your behaviors and switch off as soon as the room is as warm as much you like.
  • In a fast-paced world modern world, convenience has become everyone?s top priority. Just as by sitting on your bed you can shop your desired things online, you can also control your entire house?s locks by sitting on your bed. You don?t have to roam around the house to be assured that everything is locked up. From windows to door locks, everything can be controlled by accessing them through your smartphone or remotes.

  • The smart home facility has enabled you to remotely monitor your house. Even if you are working late at the office, you can always access your security cameras to check if everything is alright and in case of any suspicious activity, you can call the security, this also ensures your safety. Likewise, you don?t have to get off your car to switch on garage light, outdoor solar lights can switch on automatically as soon as they detect motion. They are also helpful to scare sway the burglar by switching on due to the movement and making them think that some have seen them. Likewise, automated lightening technology sets you free from the responsibility of turning on and off your lights.


  • Due to the complexity of automated tools, not everyone can get used to controlling your tools. Automating your entire household might be problematizing if you don?t have good internet access or not a technology-friendly person. Moreover, if you work from 5-9 in office and don?t have time for any physical activity, then automation is not recommended for you. Turning off or on lights and walking toward the switch helps you have some minor physical activity. Moreover, automation tolls might be affordable, but hiring a professional and getting them installed plus, their maintenance really adds up to the cost. 

Keeping in view the pros and cons of smart home automation can help us deduce if it is favorable to have it or not. If you can afford the expenses, then it is an amazing opportunity for you to avail of the ease facilitated by technological advancements. Smart home automation is the manifestation of a modern living style, which abolishes the difficulties of traditional ways of living. It ensures the removal of minor human errors that led to a big disaster earlier. For instance, the fire alarm can sense the smoke and alert everyone and prevent the house from burning into ashes. Whereas, technological advancements have led to the inception of new criminal methods as well. For example, intruding someone?s house by surpassing the security alarm has become very common, things like these can only be countered through smart home automation methods. Therefore, smart home automation, not of the entire household, but for some beneficial purposes like surveillance, has eased the modern life. The rapidly evolving techniques of automation will surely make it a human need in the near future.?

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