What Is Sonos Boost?

The advent of digital technology has forever transformed how we listen to music. While the purist may still treasure their turntable and  vinyl collection, the connected household leverages the latest technologies to ensure that the whole household gets a personalised music experience. But this can create challenges when multiple devices are used and homes have wifi “trouble spots”. For the seasoned audiophile who happens to live in a large or old home, it may seem like compromise is a necessity. But who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

This is where devices like Sonos Boost come in handy…

What Is Sonos Boost?

For aficionados of home audio, the Sonos brand needs no introduction. The company has led the field in wireless speakers for over a decade with a sterling reputation for delivering great connectivity as well as great sound. The Sonos brand delivers admirably in the field of multi-room audio, delivering outstanding connectivity even in large homes.

Sonos Boost

High end audio meets high end sound. The value of the Sonos brand

One of the most common frustrations in outfitting your home for comprehensive home audio is the apparent dichotomy between great connectivity and great sound. After all, what’s the point in having a wonderfully rich and round sound quality with crisp high end and powerful low end if your speakers cannot connect to your Wifi infrastructure.

Likewise, great connectivity means little if it only delivers tinny sound that’s barely a step up from what you’d expect from a cell phone speaker. 

As the years have gone by, Sonos’ product range has diversified beyond mere wireless speakers. The brand has developed a comprehensive range of home theater and personal listening solutions incorporating sound bars as well as tools to deliver outstanding speaker connectivity unshackled by the limitations of the wifi network.  

The Sonos Bridge was the first example of this, but this has since been replaced by the Sonos Boost which has gone even further in delivering outstanding connectivity, even in homes where wifi dead zones and connection frustrations are common.  

But exactly what is Sonos Boost? How does it work? And how does it deliver value to the tech savvy audiophile?

Sonos Boost is a simple and easy to use Wifi extension designed to give you seamless and uninterrupted listening wherever you are. 

How does Sonos Boost improve on its predecessor?

If you already have the old Sonos Bridge, you may be wondering whether the Boost represents a significant upgrade. And honestly, it depends on your home and your needs… however, the Boost does offer some significant improvements over its predecessor. 

For example, unlike the Bridge, the Boost has 3 separate antennas allowing for comprehensive 360 degree wireless coverage that can easily penetrate walls and ceilings for great coverage all over the home. It also boasts advanced wireless interference rejection so you’ll never have to contend with the frustration of uneven signal or interruptions that cause lapses in audio quality. 

What’s more, it has 50% greater wireless range than the Bridge making it a worthy upgrade for users with large homes. 

Managing your home audio can be complicated, but the Sonos Boost, properly supplemented with the right wireless speakers, can make it surprisingly easy to enjoy great audio all over your home.

A range of supported services for a comprehensive audio ecosystem

Do you ever stop to wonder how you managed to find space in your home for all those vinyl records, cassette tapes, Compact Discs and (if you were a regretful early adopter) minidiscs? Today, the audio ecosystem isn’t composed of physical objects. Heck, many of us don’t even technically buy our music anymore. The digital music economy today is measured less in purchases than in services. 

As such, any solution that you purchase for your home audio needs to be compatible with a range of services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora and Google Play Music to name but a few. So you can enjoy streaming services as well as music, podcasts and audiobooks you’ve downloaded or purchased in the same place. 

This is a big part of what makes Sonos products so appealing.

While Sonos has its own app for managing media, speakers and your dedicated wireless network, you don’t need to manage your music directly through the Sonos app. You can just keep using the same apps through which you usually enjoy your content and enjoy a great audio experience in every room of the home. Alternatively, of you prefer to have everything in one place you can simply add new streaming services to your Sonos app and enjoy them all through one interface.

An elegant solution… in more ways than one

We’ll get into exactly what Sonos Boost does and how it works shortly. But before we do, it’s worth commenting on the elegance of this solution. 

Not only does it offer consistently robust performance and outstanding audio quality, it does it while housed in a sleek, elegant and attractive case. A common frustration for smart homes is that adopting numerous solutions can risk compromising the home’s aesthetic with a range of bulky and unattractive boxes. The discreet white box that is Sonos, however, with its rounded edges and minimalist charm makes for an unobtrusive and elegant piece of kit that belies the power and reliability of its coverage.

It may not be essential to you that a wireless media network be easy on the eye, but any solution that offers home automation without filling the home with eyesores is always welcome in our household. 

If you want to learn more about what Sonos Boost can do and how to reset your Sonos Boost, follow along.

Sonos Boost
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