What Is A WiFi Smart Plug?

You may be wondering what is a smart plug? A smart plug is an electrical outlet that you plug into any existing electrical receptacle in order to connect to your smart home network. Smart plugs allow you to control any device plugged into them via your voice activated digital assistant or smartphone.

What Can You Do With Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs make home automation a breeze. With the help of a smart plug, you easily connect virtually any device in your home to your smart home network. Smart plugs are affordable and connect to your home network for control via smartphone app or voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Common Questions About Smart Plugs

Can Schedules Be Created With Smart Plugs?

Absolutely! Smart plugs allow you to create schedules for any device you have plugged into them. This includes lamps, coffee pots, and any other appliance you can think of. You have the ability to implement pre-set on/off schedules as well as random schedules (away mode) to ward off intruders while you are away. Additionally, these schedules can be modified when you are away from home via your smartphone.

Can Smart Plugs Only Be Used Indoors?

No, smart plugs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Make sure to pay attention when choosing your smart plugs so that you understand their intended use. The majority of smart plugs currently available are meant for indoor use. However, there are outdoor specific smart plugs too. Whether the device you want to connect to your smart home is indoors or outdoors, there is a smart plug available that can get the job done for you.

How Many Devices Can Be Plugged Into A Smart Plug?

Simply put, you should only plug in the amount of devices that correlates to the amount of receptacles in your smart plug. For example, if your smart plug has a single receptacle, you should only plug one device into it. If it has two receptacle, then you can plug two devices into it. Additionally, power strips and surge protectors are not recommended to be plugged into smart plugs.

Do Smart Plugs Lower Your Electricity Bill?

Yes, utilizing a smart plug in your home can absolutely lower your electrical bill. This is the case because it allows you to have greater control over your power consumption through the use of preset schedules and remote access to your device power. Most users of smart plugs see energy savings benefits after implementation.

Are Smart Plugs Safe?

In many cases, smart plugs may be safer than traditional wall outlets. This is due to the fact that many have auto shut-off features that come into play during electrical surges. Also, many smart plugs are built to actually exceed the minimum safety requirements. Obviously with electricity there is always risk, however adding a smart plug to your home and following manufacturer recommendations will not increase the risk in comparison to using traditional wall outlets.

How Much Do Smart Plugs Cost?

Smart plugs are an affordable way to get your smart home up and running. There is a wide price range based on your intended use. That being said, you can expect to pay as low as $10 per plug on the low end of the spectrum. For higher end plugs, the prices can be $25 and up per plug.

What Devices Shouldn’t Be Used With Smart Plugs?

Most devices that you currently plug into your wall can be used with smart plugs. That being said, you need to follow commonsense and current safety standards. For example, it is a bad I idea to plug an extension cord with multiple devices connected to into a smart plug. Also, you don’t want to connect a power strip with multiple devices connected to it into your smart plug. In most cases, your smart plug will sense this and automatically shutoff. Bottom line, you need to use your head – if this wouldn’t be safe without a smart plug, it isn’t going to be safe with one.

Best Smart Plugs For Your Home

Now that you know what a smart plug is, you may be wondering what some of the best smart plugs are that you can use in your own home. Below you will find our recommendations for the best smart plugs.

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