What Is A Smart Plug For Alexa?: What You Need To Know About Smart Plugs For Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are simple and convenient, while allowing you to connect more devices in your smart home via Amazon Alexa. They come from many different brands, including Amazon, Gosund, TP Link, and more. The good news is that you aren’t limited to Amazon smart plugs, as many other brand work with Alexa too!

What Is A Smart Plug For Alexa?

Smart plugs for Amazon Alexa allow you to control your favorite home devices from the convenience of your Alexa app on your phone or your favorite Alexa-enabled devices, such as Echo, Fire TV, Fire Table, and more. Wondering what to control with your smart plug for Alexa? You are really only limited by your imagination as you can easily integrate with TVs, lights, coffee makers, routers, etc.

Smart plugs for Alexa are simply outlets that you plug into your existing home outlets. They are small and compact and allow for connection to the Amazon Alexa app on the device of your choice.

The main benefit of smart plugs for Alexa is that they allow you to control your devices via app and voice controls. Once implemented you have the ability to control power to your device without having to physically touch them.

There are many examples of how to use smart plugs in your home. You can put your lights on a schedule, control your kids access to Netflix or video games, and even schedule your coffee maker to have a fresh pot ready for you when you wake up in the morning. You can even set routines for specific devices in your home and make it appear that you are at home when you are away.

The Best Smart Plugs For Alexa

Now that you know more about what smart plugs are for Alexa, are you ready to get started? If so, we have included our recommended Alexa-compatible smart plugs below from Gosund, Teckin, TP-Link, Amazon, and other manufacturers. Have fun automating your home with smart plugs!

Amazon Smart Plug, Works With Alexa

Smart Plug, Gosund Mini Wifi Outlet Works With Alexa

Smart Plug Compatible With Alexa For Voice Control

Kasa Smart Plug By TP-Link,Smart Home WiFi Outlet Works With Alexa

Smart Plug, Wifi Surge Protector, Voice Control With Alexa

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