What Does Sonos Boost Do?

We’ve gone into great deal about the benefits of Sonos Boost and talked about the problems it helps to overcome. But what exactly does Sonos Boost do? If you’re still unclear, let’s take a more detailed look at this handy tool’s functionality…

Sonos Boost

A dedicated wireless network… just for your speakers

In many cases, Sonos speakers will work perfectly well when connected directly to your Wifi. They can transfer data over the network admirably, without the kind of loss or interruption of data that can compromise the listening experience.

However, there are some homes that may experience uneven wifi coverage due to structural elements impeding the signal. What’s more, in an age where every member of the household likely has several internet ready devices connected to the wifi network, there’s great propensity for interference and high bandwidth demands that can exacerbate the frustrations caused by inconsistent coverage.

Sonos Boost is designed to provide a dedicated wireless network that’s just for your Sonos speakers. This spares your speakers from having to deal with the overtaxed Wifi router and facilitates a faster and more reliable connection between speakers no matter where in the home they are. 

Is Sonos Boost easy to set up?

It is. Refreshingly easy, in fact. Especially if you have a free outlet within easy reach of your router. Simply plug into your wall socket, connect to your router via ethernet and away you go. The Sonos delivers the same reliability you’d expect from a wired connection with the freedom and versatility of a wireless network so you can enjoy great quality sound from Sonos’ wireless speakers or Sonos Beam soundbars anywhere in your room.

Once the Sonos Boost is set up it’s just a case of connecting all the speakers in your home to the new network and you’re good to go.

What is Trueplay and how do I use it?

As great as it is to be able to listen to your music no matter where in your home you are, not all room setups are conducive to great audio. Thus, hardened audiophiles may get frustrated by the uneven sound quality in different rooms, even where connectivity is flawless. 

That’s where Trueplay comes in (as well as, of course, ensuring that there are no obstacles in front of speakers which could impinge on sound quality). Speakers connected via Sonos Boost can be calibrated to the shape and acoustics of any room in the house to deliver the perfect audio quality for that space. 

This is also managed through the Sonos app and while it requires a little embarrassment as you walk around the room waving your phone in the air, the difference in audio quality more than makes up for a few moments’ effort (and feeling kinda silly). 

Do you need Sonos Boost for surround speakers / 5.1 setups?

Not necessarily, especially if you have a reasonably sized living room. Sonos offers a 5.1 surround sound setup for your favorite movies and TV shows, whether you enjoy these digitally or physically. All you need is an amp that provides wireless connections. In most cases, the speakers will offer great connectivity over your wifi signal with low latency to reduce the risk of lip synch issues. 

However, if you are concerned about issues with lag or interference, especially of watching a movie with the family while each is using the wifi signal, 5.1 setups can be run through Sonos Boost with great results. 

One thing’s for sure, a Sonos setup can be a welcome alternative to having to bury feet of speaker cable under the carpet or having to tack cables discreetly to your skirting boards.

Keep reading to learn more about what Sonos Boost is and how to reset your Sonos Boost.  

Sonos Boost
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