What Are the Best Wireless Security Cameras for home use? Everything You Need to Look For

This is a crazy world we live in. Even if you live in a peaceful neighborhood, you never know what might happen in your neck of the woods.

Now that you’ve got a family to care for as well, the need has never been greater for a bit of assurance to your children’s safety.

One of the best ways to achieve peace-of-mind for you and your family is by installing wireless security cameras to survey your property.

But if you’re unfamiliar with the top brands and features of a quality security camera, it can be hard to find the right fit.

Here are the best home security cameras on the market today.

Logitech Circle 2

Gone are the days of needing to find space for a bulky camera to gain access to the widest view range.

The Logitech Circle 2 gives you a high-quality camera in a small but impactful frame.

This camera can be used either indoors or outdoors, and thanks to its water resistance, you’ll never have to worry about the rain or a leak in the ceiling damaging it.

It’s perfect for family-surveying purposes with its 180-degree range, two-way audio, and night vision.

This camera also has the recording capabilities you’re looking for automatically through an app or your desktop computer.

Not looking to pay a monthly fee for access to your camera’s recordings? No problem; this membership offers free recording storage for up to the latest 24-record-hours.

Only interested in seeing the “highlights” of what you missed? Perfect! The camera only records when it senses motion and stops when the occurrence is over.

All in all, this camera offers you access to all the must-have features of a wireless security camera at an affordable price. Definitely worth your consideration!

Ring Stick Up Cam

Outdoor cameras are a dime a dozen, but quality ones that can embrace the elements and not hassle you with repairs after each storm… That’s worth its weight in gold!

The Ring Stick Up Cam gives you flexibility on where you can put it, thanks to its mounting features that mix well with walls, fences, and corners.

The 1080-pixel imagine features, paired with night vision and 115-degree range of view, gives you optimum surveillance wherever you decide to place it.

Put it at the corner of your fence to survey the kids, or place it on the side of the house without windows to finally see what that funny noise is each night.

Choosing this brand means you get access to the Ring app and its features with recording storage, live feed, motion-triggered phone alerts, and battery updates.

The battery life will grant you month after month of steady use without having to recharge it each week. It only needs to be plugged in every few months.

The membership for footage storage is at a reasonable price of $3 per month, should you feel the need to save the footage for a later date.

Available on Amazon and in your local retail stores, this camera gives you all the perks at an ideal price.

Arlo Pro

If you’re looking for an efficient and easy-to-move camera that’s entirely wireless, look no further than the Arlo Pro.

This camera has built a reputation based on its easy setup features, indoor and outdoor flexibility, and compatibility with your smart home system.

You’ll never sacrifice clarity on your video resolution thanks to the Arlo Pro’s high-resolution. This allows you to see clearly through the brightest of sunny days and the murkiest of rainy ones.

Also, the range of view on this bad boy is tremendous, offering you a full scan of the entire area.

For that reason, it should be at the top of your list when considering different options in outdoor cameras.

The microphone gives you a crystal clear playback sound and picks up sound from a surprising distance away.

Be warned though: You’ll also need to purchase a base station with the Arlo Pro. Still, the base station and the Arlo Pro will serve you for years to come.

The Arlo Pro is heavily regarded in the wireless camera industry given its brand recognition. This specific model definitely lives up to the hype!

Nest Cam (Indoor)

You may be looking for an indoor camera to spy on the kids, but you need to ensure it’s compatible with your Nest smart home.

If that fits your description, then look no further than the indoor camera from the same brand: the Nest Cam Indoor.

First off, it’s easy setup grants you a no-hassle configuration and having it up-and-running after mere hours.

This camera focuses solely on offering all the perks you’d need in an indoor surveillance camera, such as night vision, high-resolution picture, and digital zoom features.

The Nest Cam Indoor can record for 30 consecutive days and lets you know when its storage is full through an indicator light.

Pair the vast recording capabilities with a phenomenal two-way audio feed and wide-angle lens, and you’ll never miss a moment.

Its small and compact body makes it perfect to place on a bookshelf, the corner of a room, in the kid’s room, or wherever else you need it to go.

However, it does need to be plugged in at all times to stay charged, so keep that in consideration when deciding where to place it.

This camera offers another efficient option at an affordable price on Amazon. This baby will be keeping up with your household’s craziness for a long time, so it’s well worth the investment!

Ring Floodlight Cam

Perhaps you’re looking for a security camera that’s threatening or imposing to trespassers who might be lurking around your property.

If that’s you, then the Ring Floodlight Cam is a camera worth looking into.

It’s two-bulb flood light and siren will keep all undesirables away ? and even startle them ? should they get too close for comfort.

This camera also offers an exceptional high-definition display and night vision to pair nicely with the floodlight features, as well as a 149-degree range of view.

In other words, you’ll never have to decipher vague movements in the recording.

The Ring Cam is water-resistant and ready to brace the elements for years of service to you and your family. It even claims to work under severe cold and hot conditions outside, so you’ll never have to worry about it malfunctioning.

It offers compatibility to all major smart home systems, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. That allows you constant control of when it is and isn’t recording.

The one catch to it is the requirement of hard-wiring for access to all its features, but that’s not uncommon among smart home items.

Still, this camera offers features and amenities that few other cameras in the marketplace can match.

Its retail price more than justifies your need for an all-encompassing, smart home-compatible, high-tech outdoor camera to make you and your family feel safe.

FTP-Link Kasa Cam KC120

If you’re looking for an indoor camera that’s more discreet than a typical camera but still offers high-resolution, then look no further!

This Camera grants you the full 1080-pixel HD display at a price lower than any other camera on this list.

It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to intimidate your guests with a daunting-looking camera hanging overhead or right next to the TV everyone’s watching.

The FTP Link Kasa Cam KC120 hides well in plain sight with exceptional two-way audio for when you need to soothe the crying baby in its crib.

It records constantly and offers cloud storage for the past two days on the smartphone app. Also, it throws in a live feed, which is a nice plus, considering its low price.

It’s compatible with most major smart home systems and allows you to view the live footage on smart devices, such as Amazon Fire TV.

It has night vision that can see clearly for up to 25-feet away from its base, giving you quality insight into every corner of the room it resides in.

It really is a trustworthy camera and will serve you well for all indoor-monitoring needs.

At its low price, you can stock up on a few of these cameras and have surveillance all over the house while paying the same price for one of the other cameras on this list.

If you’re okay with avoiding the name brand to strike a bargain pricepoint, the KC120 model of the FTP-Link Kasa Cam is for you!

Wyze Cam Pan

Is the price point of the FTP-Link Kasa Cam KC120 still not low enough for your ideal security camera budget?

You may be thinking: How many features will I have to sacrifice to get a camera in my price range?

Turns out, you won’t have to sacrifice much at all!

The Wyze Cam Pan gives you all the basic amenities you’re looking for, with high-quality value at a third of the price.

It offers motion-tracking, as well as full mechanical panorama picture features and camera tilt to fill you in on any suspicious activity.

Its 1080-pixel video display keeps up with the cameras on this list and is compatible with Alexa and IFTTT.

Still wanting that free cloud storage you’ve been reading about in the other models? You’ve got it!

It’s understandable that you’re looking for a camera you can buy several of and be able to track your family’s every move.

You won’t find any better than the Wyze Cam Pan’s combination of affordable price, and feature availability.

At such a low price, it’s arguably the best deal on this entire list.

However, if you’re in it to gain access to all the features you possibly can, no matter the cost, this one may not be for you.

iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

The security camera industry understands that the modern family is looking for the safety of a camera, while also hiding the fact they have a security camera at all.

The iSmartAlarm Keep Pro takes that to the maximum. To the untrained eye, it looks like a speaker for your entertainment center’s surround-sound system.

As expected, this model offers 1080-pixel video and free cloud storage for clear video and an easily accessible way to view it.

The time-lapse feature helps you comb through the recording easily without much hassle.

It offers motion and sound detection with a mechanical pan and tilts to track the source of the commotion.

The event-triggered video recording feature helps it keep recording time down to a minimum, so you won’t have to scrummage through 24 hours of video each evening.

It provides an easy hookup to almost all IFTTT integration systems, especially the iSmartAlarm security system.

While the retail price may be a bit above the standard rate, this camera can provide you with a durable and efficient indoor security camera to watch over your house, as well as everything in it.

Pick the Optimal Wireless Security Cameras for Your Family

This list of wireless security cameras should help get you started in the right direction for what you need in your surveillance system.

However, no one knows your home better than you do, so choose the camera that you think best fits your home’s layout.

Be sure to check out this article on 7 reasons to install smart home security technology, for more reasons why it makes sense for your family.

For any other questions that you may have, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page.

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