Top 5 Smart Outlets That Work With Alexa

There are so many benefits to having an automated home.

But if you’re new to smart home technology, it can be a little overwhelming. So why not start with something simple like a smart plug that will turn your regular outlets into smart outlets?

It doesn’t get much easier than that. Let’s take a look at why they’re a no-brainer.

What Are Smart Plugs?

Cheap and relatively compact, smart plugs insert into traditional wall sockets to transform them into smart outlets.

From there, you can upgrade those outlets via smartphone apps to monitor and control your appliances. You can even integrate them into your Amazon Alexa. We’ll take a look at five that do just that.

1. iDevices Switch

The Switch offers energy monitoring and easy integration with Amazon Alexa.

It occupies just a single outlet on your wall panel, and its own outlet is positioned on the right side. And the iDevices app is very easy to use.

The remote control function makes it simple to adjust schedules or turn the Switch on and off. Energy monitoring functionality is incredibly detailed, offering daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cost and usage estimates.

Live power draw info is also available.

2. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

The Smart Plug Mini is easy to set up and integrates with Amazon Alexa.

It has also has a great mobile app, convenient remote control and cool extra features like an “away” mode that turns your lights on and off at random to make potential burglars think you’re home when you’re not.

One of the smallest smart plugs available, it only covers a single outlet regardless of where you position it. Connectivity is strong and it’s responsive to commands.

While it doesn’t offer energy monitoring, it’s a great choice for those in small spaces.

3. Leviton DZR15-1LZ Decora Z-Wave Controls 15-Amp Tamper Resistant Split Duplex Receptacle

Compatible with Amazon Echo, this smart plug gives you serious home automation capabilities.

Install this smart plug in an existing outlet and you have the power to turn appliances on and off remotely.

As the name implies, this smart plug has two outlets. So it’s like having double the technology!

4. Edimax Wi-Fi Smart Plug

One of the most advanced smart plugs on the market, the Edimax Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a great choice for the energy-conscious consumer. The app allows you to turn appliances on or off, receive alerts, monitor the current status of the devices, and more.

But more than that, you can also set a daily, weekly, or monthly power limit for any chosen appliance and the Smart Plug will turn it off when it reaches its limit.

You can also view your appliances’ energy usage for an accurate insight into how much each appliance uses and what the costs are.

5. AWAIR Air Filtration Smart Plug

Your home is full of pollutants. So if your focus on monitoring air quality more than energy, this is one of the coolest smart plugs out there.

Each AWAIR device monitors five aspects that determine the air quality in your home. It plugs right into an outlet and can be set up to turn on an appliance such as an air filtration system when levels get too high.

It will also send tips to your smartphone offering tips and suggestions.

Turn Your Outlets into Smart Outlets

Smart outlets are an easy step toward home automation.

And you don’t have to go far to search for one.

Check out our blog now to select the right smart plug for you.

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