Top 10 Advantages of Smart Home Security Systems

Taking advantage of a home security system might carry more benefits than you think. Not only are they cheaper or the same cost of regular surveillance methods, but are using more up-to-date technology as well. In this guide, we will be taking you through the top 10 advantages that you will see as a homeowner to take advantage of when integrating a smart home security system.

1. Helps Protect Your Belongings

Integrating a smart home security system into your house can better protect your belongings and valuables. In fact, recent studies have shown that burglaries cost an average of $1,700 per victim.
Since most burglars seek out expensive electronics, drugs, and jewelry, a smart home security system can help alert you and authorities if you are burgled. This can increase the chances of your burglar getting caught and lowering the cost of your home being ransacked.

2. Integrates Well With Home Automation

One of the key features of owning a home security system is it integrating well with your other smart home devices. This includes smart lights, door locks, and even smart thermostats. Everything can be easily connected and accessed via your smart home security system website or app on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You are even allowed the option to set up ?modes? for your home for when you get home. For example, you can set a mode for when you get home from work to turn on your TV, turn on the AC, or even activate Alexa to give you the latest news. These simple conveniences can help you live more efficiently and happier.

3. You Can Access It From Virtually Anywhere

Since your smart home security system can connect to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can access it from home or on-the-go. Whether you need to view your security cameras, lock your doors, or adjust your house?s thermostat, there?s no limit what you can do from anywhere in the world. Plus, the app and website platform you use for your smart home security system will have added protection and security for your benefit.

4. You Will Be Protected 24/7

Some conventional home security systems require you to turn it on or off every time you arrive or leave your home. Instead, your smart home security system is on 24/7 and can send you alerts throughout the day based on the way you program it. This can help you prevent forgetting to turn it back on and leaving your house unprotected. Plus, some systems even allow motion sensing and can trigger emergency notifications if it suspects something is wrong.

5. It?s Never Been Simpler To Use

New smart home security systems are going wireless, which means you can carry them with you whenever you like. This also makes moving to a new home much easier. Your wireless sensors and cameras are simple to setup and can be up and running within minutes. Plus, you can do everything through your smart home app without the need for even wi-fi.

6. It?s A Complex System

Smart home security systems are much more complex and intuitive systems than conventional security methods. Instead of simply tracking main entry points, a smart home system can track actual behaviors and alert you via text messages if they suspect any suspicious movement.
For example, your new smart home security system can detect and alert you if a burglar cut a phone line. Especially, since this is a common behavior to do before they rob a home. Additionally, your smart home system connects via an app or desktop platform that can send you alerts if it ever loses connection when protecting your home.

7. Prevent Theft

The best way to prevent theft or damage to your home is to prevent burglars from targeting your home in the first place. But how exactly do you do that? With the use of smart home security systems. The mere existence of one of these alarms is often enough to keep robbers out of a home.
In fact, a survey completed in 2012 found that 60% of theft offenders would skip a house if it had a security system. They instead moved on to easier targets, ie. home?s without security systems. Plus, of those who realized the home had an alarm while they robbing it, 50 percent gave up on their attempted crime.

8. Lower Your Home Insurance Rates

Who doesn?t love saving money? A lot of insurance companies offer discounts or reduced premiums for homeowners who have security systems in their homes. This is because homes with these systems have a reduced chance of experiencing loss, fire, and water damage. This means that the insurance company itself will have to process fewer claims, which they reward.

9. Save Money

Did you know that you can actually save money by using smart home technology? It?s true! As we mentioned above, simply having a security system in place can save you thousands on prevented robberies and property damage.
However, a smart home system can help you save money on your electric bill as well. These systems often use less energy than traditional home security systems. Also, if you opt in for full smart home automation, you will see even more savings. It allows you to choose when to turn on and off your lights and what temperature you want your house to be. Not only can this control save you money, but it can also be used to deter thieves. Robbers are less likely to target a house if it looks like someone is at home, so turn on those lights.

10. Greater Peace of Mind

You may be surprised to discover just how much peace of mind installing a smart home security system will bring. The convenience and protection that this type of system brings are priceless. You will never need to your about the safety of your family, your pets, or your belongings again. Instead, you can relax knowing that your home is safe and secure against all sorts of damage, whether it is caused by humans or an accident.While there are many advantages of installing a home security system, there are even more that accompany using a smart home system. With the added protection, convenience, and ease of use, you will not be disappointed.

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