The Smart Home Trends to Watch in 2017 and Beyond

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Are you looking to turn your home into a smart home? You’re not alone.

The “Internet of Things” has brought some amazing technology to our doorsteps and into our homes. Research shows that consumers are catching on. The global smart home market is projected to reach a value of more than $40 billion USD? by 2020.

Smart home devices are changing the way we live and entering us into an era of unparalleled convenience. They can help automate tasks, keep us protected, and even obey voice commands.

The future of home technology is automation. Let’s see what it’s store for smart home trends in 2017 and 2018. Read on to learn more.


There’s no denying that energy consumption can affect your utility bill. But imagine having a thermostat that saves energy and money on your monthly bill.

Have you ever forgotten to turn the air up before leaving the house? That’s no problem thanks to smart thermostats.

These highly adaptable devices can react to your energy habits and routines. They can leave the air off when you’re not home and can even adjust to your work schedule. They can even sense your presence using motion sensors and will adjust the temperature on the fly.

Smart thermostats are changing the face of home energy consumption and homeowners are catching on. Thermostats are one of the emerging smart home trends because they save money, deter wasteful energy consumption, and are above all convenient.

Security Systems

Just how many people use smart security systems? You might be surprised.

Security systems make up the largest portion of the smart home market. In fact, 61 percent of smart home revenue came from security cameras in the last year.

It’s easy to see why these devices are so coveted. There are many advantages to these devices, including the ability to monitor your home while you’re away.

Smart security can include alarms, cameras, motion sensors, and automated lighting that can help deter unwanted people from entering your home.

Imagine being able to check in on your home while you’re away or get an instant notification the moment a sensor goes off. These devices also popular because they are cheaper than other security systems and also easy to use.

It’s clear that homeowners value their security. There are many emerging smart home trends, but smart security devices could have the highest ceiling.


“Alexa: play some music.”

That’s probably a command that you’ve uttered more than once. It should come as no surprise that smart speakers are a smart home device on the rise.

Smart speakers include everything from the Amazon Echo to the Google Home. These devices are becoming a mainstay in modern homes. The reason behind their growth might come down to their voice-controlled automation.

Being able to activate smart devices with your voice is a powerful tool that is only going to become more prevalent. Though the Amazon Echo currently sits atop the market, there is still plenty of room for growth for the smart speaker market.

More Smart Home Trends

Smart homes are still very much in their infancy, but they’re already changing the modern home.

The sky is the limit for these devices and many more trends will emerge in the coming years.

Are you looking for advice on turning your home into a smart home? We can help. Check out our advice on simple ways you can transform your home today.

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