Smart Home Locks and What You Need to Know

Are you tired of constantly forgetting to lock your doors when you leave your house? Are you tired of constantly carrying heavy key bunches? Do you own a smart home? Well, you should consider purchasing and installing a smart home lock. A smart lock resembles the same functions as a normal lock. However, unlike the normal lock, it stands out. The lock and unlock function of the smart lock is controllable through the sending and receiving of functions from an authorized device. This device is under the control of the inhabitants of the house. With this invention, you can remotely lock and unlock your door, no matter where you are.

How Does A Smart Lock Work?

If you want to understand how a smart lock works, you will need to get a smartphone or a tablet. You will use this device to access your smart lock remotely. The idea is to use this device to communicate functions to the electromechanical lock. Some locks go as far as communicating with the user through speech. The whole wiring of the house incorporates the smart lock; this allows you, the user, to access all exits and entries of the building.

Control systems at home connect through the push of a button. Once a user relays a function to the home control system through the phone, then the home electronics receive the message and embark on performing the stated function. The sending and receiving of messages are through low energy waves that travel through the cable to each device, and to devices fitted with radio modules. These radio modules aid in receiving and sending messages to and from the user through his or her remote device. This enables communication to be possible, regardless of the distance.

With more technological advancement, the idea of wiring all electronics in the house together is dying a slow death. The current technology allows for the fitting of wireless networks, into all electronics within the premises. This integration does away with any wiring issues and complex programming. This takes the smart lock industry to the next level, as it aids the user financially. The wires controller is a ?hub?.

Benefits of a Smart Lock

The smart lock industry came into existence through the presence of a smart home. This industry is growing at alarming rate. Each day, there are improvements to the electronics already in existence. More people are looking for better smart locks that offer better services. Have you thought of owning a smart lock? If you are, then you have probably debated about the difference between a smart lock and your normal door lock. Below are a few benefits that come with owning and installing a smart lock system in your smart house. It might aid you in reaching a well-analyzed decision.

  1. Accessible

Unlike the normal lock that needs one to be present for the locking and unlocking function to take place, the smart lock is accessible anywhere and at any time. Since it is integrated into a mobile device held by the user, the user has unlimited access to it. Just through the click of a button. Freedom is literally at your fingertips. This will aid you in performing lock functions from anywhere in the world. You are in control of your possessions. You no longer have to take a trip anxiously, or carry around heavy key bunches.

  1. Enhances safety

Since the smart lock synchronizes with your smart phone, it updates you on all that happens concerning security. This is especially good for people with young children. With this, you can monitor when the babysitter leaves. It prevents young children from leaving the house without anyone knowledge. It also prevents strangers from accessing the premises. The smart lock constantly updates you, through messaging, about any unlocking of the door. You can also set a curfew option that locks the premises when the set time reaches. This improves security, as only people with entry codes will be able to access the house.

  1. Helps monitor the inhabitants

This function seems a bit overbearing, but with teenagers on board all measures need to be taken. Teenagers are generally mischievous so taking extra care is essential. The smart lock will aid you as the guardian or parent in keeping track of the times when your teenager leaves and enters the premises. This will aid in enforcing curfews. If any of the inhabitants forget or misplace their keys, then accessing the house is not a big deal.

  1. Helps you care for the invalid and the aged

Instead of settling for a nursing home or an old people?s home, the smart lock gives you a possible set up that helps you monitor your loved one from wherever you are. You can monitor the time that the caregiver enters and leaves the premises. This is because it is no longer necessary for you to be there to let in your caregiver, you can now perform this function from anywhere in the world. With a smart lock, you will know when your aged loved one is leaving the house to run errands, and when they get back.

  1. Pet sitting for pet owners

Do you have a pet? Does your pet make it hard for you to go for trips and attend events? Well, the smart lock is here to rescue you. You can now get a hold of your social life. You can opt to get a pet sitter and unlock the premises for them, or you can set entry codes while you are away and give it to the pet sitter. Life is easier with a smart lock. As you set the entry codes, ensure that you reset them when you get back. This will enhance your home security.

  1. Cleaning dates

If you need your house cleaned, and you are always busy at work, then your struggle is quite evident. You cannot leave your house keys with a stranger or a cleaning company, for them to manage your premises. The smart lock comes to your aid. With the help of entry codes and locking and unlocking updates, you are set. You can now easily let in-house managers from anywhere across the globe.


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