How Does Smart Home Lighting Work and Why Should You Get It?

What exactly is smart home lighting? Have you ever envisioned how cool it would be if you walked into the room and the lights just came on by themselves? That is a summary of what smart home lighting exactly is the remote control of the house lighting system. Since smart houses think for themselves, it is safe to say that this type of lighting switches itself on and off. Most people look at this as a luxury. They do not see the need for automation of their lighting system; however, lighting system automation is essential for everyone. This read analyses the ins and outs of smart home lighting and tries to shed light on it.

How Does It Work?

The whole remote control lighting system involves a direct connection between your lighting fixture and the wall power outlet. This wall outlet is technically the remote of the entire lighting system. This is because, with it, you can switch on and of the lighting fixture. A smart home lighting system is slightly different from this.

  • First, the wall outlet of the fixture has to be on. This will help the smart home function to control the on and off switch of the fixture, as power is constantly on.
  • Each lighting connection has a plug-in that acts as the remote between the outlet and the fixture. The lighting plug-in is the central system of the complete smart lighting system. It will aid the user in controlling the lighting system from anywhere around the world. If you have dimmer lights in your house, do not worry as this is also taken care of. Simply, install a plug-in for dimmer lights. This will be essential for not only controlling the state of the dimmer lights but also in controlling their intensity.
  • What type of bulb is in use, on your premises? This is an important issue since some bulbs are incompatible with the existing dimmer light plug-ins. To avoid any inconvenience of changing all the bulbs in your premises, settle for either LED or CFL bulb types. These are mostly compatible with the dimmer light plug-in. With the use of a wireless control or a computer, you will be able to control the lighting of the entire building.

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Convenient

Smart home lighting is very convenient. You no longer have to struggle to find the light switch in a room as you knock over things. The room automatically senses your presence and switches itself on. This is also timesaving. Smart home lighting is especially convenient for people with invalid, aged people or toddlers in the vicinity. These people can either barely operate the lighting system because they are weak or simply fail to reach the lighting wall switch. The smart home lighting system aids them in accessing lighting all over the house and prevents further accidental incidents. You can set a lighting schedule whereby the house detects sunrise and sunset and acts on this.

  1. Control of hardwired lighting

This mode of home lighting caters for lighting fixtures in the house. However, it also caters for the hardwired lighting elements of the building. This is like the wall outlets and the multi-button keypads. You can now access these hardwired elements via the click of a button, regardless of the distance.

  1. Saves on energy

Most people are very busy planning for trips, which they tend to forget to switch off some appliances before they leave for their vacations. This then adds on to the electric bill and consumes excess energy in the building. With the aid of smart home lighting, say goodbye to this problem. You can now keep track of your electric appliances and lighting regardless of the distance.

  1. Adds on to the existing home security

You can personalize your automation by integrating your lighting system to the security system. This includes automation to the door. For example, when the security of the house tampers with the lights can automatically switch on. The opening of doors with entry codes or unlocking of doors is also another option for automation. Play around with your automation to fit your exact needs. For example, the configuration of the house can allow for security enhancement when the lights of the house go off.

  1. It is appealing

Imagine if your garden lights detected footsteps or your car driving into the compound. You can automate your lighting system to detect this and light up the compound as you walk or drive in. Gone are the days when you use a flashlight in your own compound. This idea is very appealing and sophisticated at the same time. This automation also adds the security of the premises. Since the lighting system detects any sudden movements, you will be aware of any movements in the premises.

  1. Easy installation

Installing smart lighting in your home is easier than it sounds. It is also very fast, which helps to save on time. You do not need the presence of a wiring expert to know how to install the plug-ins. The installation process is very easy and fun.

  1. Tailor made your home environment

We spend most of the time at home and fail to realize that lighting and the complete home environment actually affects our moods and well-being. Custom make your lighting system to aid in the functionality of each room. For example, ensure that there is ample lighting in the reading areas of the room and minimal lighting in the sleeping areas. This will help you get in tune with the environment of a room as soon as you walk in. It will eventually also help you manage your stresses and sleeping issues if any.

Most people treat automated lighting as a luxury. However, it is more than just a lifestyle. It aids in saving money and energy. Customize your home today with the aid of state of the art lighting systems. Most people fail to realize that the old ways are much more expensive in comparison to the advanced ones.

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