Which Smart Home Company to Choose?

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If you have heard of a smart home, then you probably need to know where exactly to get the appropriate services. Smart home companies are companies that provide for smart home appliances, technologies, and their connection and installation. Most of them do all these functions as a package; while others opt to solely perform the installation to already existing premises. An ideal smart home company is efficient in their provision of services and has easy connection options.

Which Are The Available Companies In The Market?

Since this market works with technology, it needs a company that stays up to speed with further technology developments. This is not a market for the faint-hearted. It needs a lot of input and time. Very few companies provide good smart home services. However, the ones listed below are considerably good. Some of them earned the ranking on the Forbes list of smart home companies to watch.

  1. Smart things

This is a popular brand owing to how it is now the possession of Samsung. This gives it an upper hand in comparison to other home automation companies, owing to the good rapport that Samsung has in the market. The Smart things company is an application only based system of automation. The technologies exclusive to smart things company, allow the user to perform a variety of functions such as, the setting of sensor triggers on the smart home appliances, and unlocking deadbolts without the encumbrance of keys. The incorporation of a Wi-Fi connection is available, and it additionally supports the heating, ventilation and air conditioning services of the home.

  1. Control4

It is an easy state of the art system of home automation. Most people see it as basic, just because of its easy use nature. This system can be either wireless or hard-wired; all this depends on the specifications of the user. Professional aid is necessary for the installation process so do not apply a ?do it yourself? mentality. It is appealing customization qualities win the hearts of many customers. Its ease of use is equally rewarding to customers who are not technology savvy. It deals with all the aspects of home automation, namely security, lighting, water system, entertainment, HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system), among others. With the use a computer, touchpad, Smartphone, or tablet device, the user can access and send instructions to the central system of the smart home system.

  1. August Smart lock

This is a door-lock system company. It tops all other smart home system companies because of its state of the art service provision and appealing nature. This company tops the rest due to the ease of its use. It does not require the user to replace their whole door lock system. It taps into the already existing door lock system. With the additional aid of an application, the user obtains unlimited access to all the entrances and exits of their premises It is flexible for both android and iPhone users. This increases its range of available users.

  1. Canary

This is more of an adaptation system. It prides itself on learning the needs, wants, and habits of the user over time. It then figures out a way of adapting to the user. This sounds like a form of inbuilt customization. This system prides itself on its wide-angle security range of one hundred and forty-seven degrees (147). This gives the user live feed protection at any time of the day and at any place around the globe. If your job requires constant traveling, then this is the right product for you. It allows you to communicate to the inhabitants of the house and set off alarms, which is efficient, as you can still micro-manage your business, from a million miles away.

  1. Homeseer

The name of this company precedes it. It is famous for its state of the art quality and innovation. This company gives variety to the user of its product. This is evident in the different control options it offers. The user can control either the system through manual, automatic or voice control option. It works with a varied amount of systems such as HVAC system, lighting, security, media management applications?, web browsers, and operating systems. It offers a remote function that allows the user to access the system even when they are miles away. It allows the user to be energy efficient. This is evident in its customization option of receiving reports n energy patterns in the home, for future improvement.

  1. Savant

It is a low-cost solution for overall control of your home. It is clearly made for Apple users. This is evident in the list of systems it runs on, namely iTunes media player, Mac OS X systems, and iOS smartphones and tablet devices. Its installation requires the aid of a professional. It works efficiently with the other smart home systems to give you an amazing array of service. It has very powerful remote access that taps into the security of the house and lets any prying eyes know that you are watching over your property. It saves on the cost of hiring security companies.

  1. Iris

This product is available in Lowe stores after Lowe purchased it. It is easily accessible for the stores and in terms of installation. It comes in three customizable kits that allow for individuality and personalization. The three kits are, namely Smart, Comfort and Control, and Safe and secure. The kits tap into the different home systems and create a serene environment for living. The company also inclusively offers support for use and installation if needed. This is good for people who are not technology savvy. They do not assume that everyone will get how to use and install the system into their homes. The system can work with smartphones and can directly connect to the internet for use, even via a modem. This smart home company does not assume anything about its users. It offers state of the art backup solutions for people of all backgrounds.

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