How to Protect Your Property with Home Security Apps

Over 88 percent?of Americans now own a smartphone, meaning they hold a wealth of possibilities right in their hands. While smartphones have many uses, one growing trend among smartphone users is the use of home security apps.

These apps let you constantly monitor your home with live security footage. They’ve revolutionized the way we approach home security and can save you from an intruder.

Home security apps give you peace of mind while you’re away from your home. But how do you use these apps? Which app should you download? Read on to learn more.

Choosing Between Home Security Apps

Smart home security is growing at a rapid rate. In fact, home security systems are expected to account for an estimated $47 billion of the total security market by 2020.

But you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive camera to protect your home. All you have to do is download a home security app directly to your phone.

The first thing you need to do is choose the app of your preference. Most apps have similar features such as live footage, cloud streaming, and alerts.

Popular Choices

One popular app for iOS and Android users is Manything. You can download it free from the App Store and immediately get a treasure trove of capabilities. You can set up alerts and free recordings and pay for extra cloud storage if necessary.

Another popular option is the Vivint Sky app. While this requires an account with Vivint, it also has a wealth of additional security functions. You can lock your doors, control lighting, view a live stream of your footage, and remotely arm or disarm the device.

You can also look into big security companies to see if they have an app. Typically, large security companies create their apps through They have a number of functions available through their app and are a leader in home security systems.

Setting up the App

First, you want to install your selected app to your phone from the app store. The app should then provide you with specific instructions on how to enable camera functions.

Once you have a stream, you should set up the phone in the location of your choosing. Look for an area that might be an entry point for intruders, such as the front door or backyard.

Deciding on a surveillance area is simple, but you may have difficulty mounting your phone. If that’s the case, you might want to invest in a mounting device.

There are a number of devices available that can help you get the most out of your surveillance. You might want to consider shopping for devices like tripods, car mounts, and wide angle lenses.

Once mounted your device should be set. You can enjoy a live stream of your home wherever you may be.

Next Steps

Home security apps are changing the way we approach home security. It’s never been as accessible or convenient for homeowners.

Find the right app for you and make sure you select the right surveillance spot in your home. From there, you should optimize your surveillance through additional items like mounting devices.

What are you waiting for? You can start protecting yourself through a smart home app today. Check out the latest smart home security products to get started.

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