Knock Knock: How do Smart Door Locks Work?

No doubt, the internet has brought with it massive solutions to problems that humans have struggled for eons to solve. Sure, the internet has some significant flaws but you don?t need to look hard to see that its benefits far outweigh the ugly side of it.

Many modern homes have internet connectivity. You can operate your music system, refrigerator, air conditioner, lights, window curtains, thermostat, and other domestic appliances all with the press of a button.

Whether you?re in your bedroom upstairs or away running errands, you can now operate almost anything using your smartphone, tablet or other internet-enabled devices.

So why not extend this convenience to your home?s security?

With the help of smart door locks, you can enjoy peace of mind and rest assured that your home is impenetrable. Wondering how smart door locks work? Read this guide.

What Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks are locks designed to lock or open without the use of actual keys. They feature a numeric keypad and are internet compatible. With your own unique code, you can gain access into your home and leave your home locked after you leave.

With the help of different apps, you can control your door locks and home security from anywhere!

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks come in all sort of shapes and sizes. Each lock is unique, from the way it looks to the way it operates. This helps to ensure that there?s something for every home.

With that said, here?s what you need to look for in a smart door lock:

Door Compatibility

Is your door jamb thick or narrow? The answer to this question tells you which type of smart lock to buy. If, for example, your door is the thick type, buy a smart lock that extends far enough to fit inside your door.

If you get a smart lock that?s too small, the lock motor might am and thus won?t work as required. This may leave your home vulnerable in case the lock fails without your knowledge.

The key lesson here is to get the smart lock size that corresponds with your door size.

How Do You Want to Use Your Smart Lock?

You can use your smart lock on its own or together with your normal deadbolt lock.

Most homeowners looking to have smart locks already have normal, well-functioning deadbolt locks already fixed on their doors.

If you?re looking for something more convenient but you don?t want to throw away your deadbolt lock, you can use both a smart lock and a deadbolt lock together.

But, there?s a catch. You have to make sure that the smart lock you are buying is compatible and can work together with your deadbolt lock.

If your deadbolt isn’t compatible with any smart lock devices available, you can consider having your locks replaced to feature compatible smart locks.

Type of Connectivity

An important question you need to ask yourself at the point of buy is, how do you want your phone or tablet to connect to your smart door lock? Do you want to use Wi-Fi or use Bluetooth?

The main reason why people buy smart locks is because of their enhanced convenience. It is enthralling when you don?t have to move all the way to your front door to open it or lock it when you have a visitor.

Bluetooth-enabled smart locks are the most common because they are more affordable and do not use as much power to run. Wi-Fi enabled smart locks, on the other hand, are a bit pricey and use more power.

All smart locks have batteries. While you may be unable to remotely operate your Bluetooth-enabled smart lock if you are outside the stipulated range, you still have optimal security and don?t have to change or recharge your locks batteries so often.

Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to connect to your smart lock irrespective of distance. It may deplete its battery power faster but it offers adequate security and enhanced convenience all the same.

Locking and Unlocking System

Smart locks may feature a keypad, a keyhole, and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. For optimal security, several homeowners prefer to combine two or more of these locking systems.

For example, you can find a person who feels comfortable locking or unlocking their door using an actual key and pin code at the same time.

Alternatively, other smart locks do not have keyholes and are thus keyless but they have a keypad and Wi-Fi connectivity which you can use on your door to access your home. It all comes down to your needs and preferences.

Knowing your security needs helps you determine which locking system to choose.

What Are Your Needs?

While smart locks have tons of convenience to offer, can the same be said of their ability to offer security? What many homeowners do not know is that smart locks alone aren?t more secure than the traditional deadbolt locks.

If you are looking to secure your home completely, consider using the traditional deadbolt lock in combination with a smart lock.

But if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, you are looking more to find for convenience than for enhanced security. This makes the smart lock sufficient even on its own.

The Benefits of Installing Smart Door Locks in Your Home

Smart door locks offer a wide array of advantages to homeowners. Read on below to find out about some of these advantages.

They Come With An App and Offer Integrated Security

Smart locks usually come with an app that you can install on your phone, your tablet and other devices. Not sure whether you locked your door or not yet you already left?

The app gives you the convenience of checking your lock at will. You can use the same app to lock or unlock your door remotely.

What?s more, you can get an integrated smart lock that works together with all other Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home for an even more rewarding experience.

You Can Always Tell When Someone Accesses Your Home

Most smart locks are designed to store up to 30 unique pin codes or even more.

If you have a housemaid, a dog sitter, a nanny, your kids or anyone else coming in and out of your house when you?re not around, you can give each one their own pin access code.

This way, you will know who accessed your home at the exact time and day that they did.

They Enhance Safety for Your Delivered Packages

Incidents of package theft have become very rampant. You may have waited days for your package which you ordered online to get here.

The delivery guy finally brings it to your doorstep but you aren?t home, so they leave it at the porch ? only for some random person to come and snatch it away leaving you disappointed and counting your losses.

To avoid these kinds of inconvenience, a smart lock is necessary. How? Simple, once the delivery guy is at your doorstep, you can remotely unlock your door ask them to leave the package inside your home and lock the door remotely once they are out.

Don?t worry, smart locks also feature two-way camera?s that let you see everything that is happening.

This comes in handy in case the delivery personnel suddenly gets any ideas to explore your house further, you get to see everything that?s going on from your phone or tablet.

Ability to Make Your Own Rules

Here, you can program the smart lock to automatically lock if it is left idle or if a certain number of minutes have passed.

You can also program your lights, speakers and other integrated devices to shut down the instant your front door is locked.

No Need for Keys

It could be that you have guests coming over and staying for a while. Or perhaps you have a ton of keys that look alike, or you just can?t find your keys.

Without a smart lock, you are forced to spend money duplicating many keys for your guest, waste time trying keys to see which one will unlock the door or call the locksmith to come to break the door and change your locks.

To be honest, all these inconveniences can end up putting the security of your home at risk because you may not know who’s accessing your home.

A smart lock enables you to generate pin codes and send them to your guests to help them access your house during their stay.

After they are gone you can always delete the codes. You can also make one unique code for yourself instead of using keys to enter your home.

Voice Command System

If you thought that using your phone to remotely lock your house was cool, wait until you can use your own voice to command your smart lock.

With the help of applications like Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can say, “Hello, Google, please lock the front door” and your door will automatically lock.

The command system works well when you are away from your phone and hence can?t use it to automatically lock the main door.

You Get Notifications in Real-Time

Did someone attempt to enter your home but keyed in the wrong code? Has anyone managed to access your house? Whichever one it is, if anyone dialed a code on your smart lock?s keypad, you will get an email or message notification informing you about this activity.

Suppose you forget to lock your door when you’re rushing to work. Instead of returning home to check your door, you can remotely lock the door.

There Are Different Smart Lock Styles and Finishes

If you are worried that you?ll find a smart lock that doesn?t blend with the rest of your door and the rest of your house, then worry no more.

Smart lock manufacturers design smart locks in different styles, shapes, colors, and finishes so that you can choose what matches your home.

They Come With Sophisticated Features

Some smart locks use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to sense that you are close to the door. All you have to do is touch the doorknob with your finger and using the integrated thermostat technology it automatically opens.

Other locks have a built-in alarm system that goes off if an unauthorized person tries to tamper with the lock or tries to destroy the lock to break in. This alarm technology is often linked to a security company who can call you to confirm if you are fine and if you are aware of the breach.

If you are away from home, they can send a response team who can come to your house and investigate to see if all is well.

Need help finding the best smart locks to secure your home? Feel free to check out what?s recommended on Forbes Finds.

Are Smart Door Locks Safe?

Smart lock devices are as susceptible to hacking as is the case with any other Wi-Fi enabled device. But with a smart door lock that has provisions for the use of keys and pin codes you can rest easy because you now have more than enough security.

The adoption of smart lock technology continues to grow every day. Considering the functionality and convenience that smart locks can deliver, installing these locks is vital for every modern homeowner.

Want to stay abreast with the latest advances in the world of door locks? You?re welcome to check out our blog.

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