How to setup your Google Home, Google Home Mini, or other Google Assistant

Google Home has been around since 2016 and, since its arrival on the marketplace, it has been an invaluable piece of technology for many users. So much so, that some may forget what life was like before its convenience and the multitude of uses were introduced to their lives. 

This low-priced high-spec device brings with it many benefits allowing you to listen to your favorite music or podcasts, control TVs and speakers around your home along with controlling lots of other compatible devices too. But it doesn?t end there, Google home will plan your day and answer your questions. Exploring the different benefits that the Google Home has to offer will take some time, but with many fun features on offer, the experience of learning will be enjoyable. 

While the Google Home is a useful bit of tech on its own, it becomes something entirely new when you start to connect it to compatible devices all around the home. ?The Internet of Things? may be a phrase that you have heard lots about, well, the Google Home is all about the Internet of Things. 

The great thing about the technology in your Google Home is that it is still evolving. This is not the end product. More and more compatible devices will join the market, providing more choice and more exciting opportunities for you. And, significantly, Google Home?s Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to grow, meaning that that as it learns the experiences and services offered by your Google Home will just get better.

Google Home Set Up In 8 Easy Steps

Congratulations on purchasing your Google Home hub. Google Home is a smart choice as the backbone of your smart home. In the following steps, we will walk you through the simple process for initially setting up your Google Home so that you can get started enjoying all of the functionality that will now be at your disposal.

  1. Plug in and power up your Google Home
  2. Download the Google Home app for your smartphone or tablet device
  3. Sign in to the Google Home app with your Google account. If you don’t already have a Google account, you will need to create one now.
  4. While signed into the Google Home app, click the ‘+’ to add your Google Home device. In this step, you will also choose the physical location where your Google Home is located (i.e. kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.). Once the Google Home app locates your device, you will select ‘yes’ to connect it.
  5. Choose your home WiFi network and click ‘connect’. Note – you will need your WiFi network password to complete this step.
  6. The Google Home app will now prompt you to setup the assistant and complete voice match. This will allow your Google Home to better adapt to you and provide additional personalization.
  7. Enter your home address into the app in order to allow Google Home to provide you with customized data such as weather forecasts, traffic information, etc.
  8. Name your device via the app and click ‘Finish Setup’

At this point, your Google Home is setup and you are ready to being using it and exploring additional settings. Keep reading below for further explanation of additional functionality that you can easily use in your smart home.

How To Reset Google Home

There may be times that you need to reset your Google Home. There are two different types of resets that you can do on your Google Home. Firstly we will look at how to reset Google Home Mini. This method reboots your device to fix any glitches or issues you may be facing. 

Simply unplug your speaker for about a minute and then plug it back in. This will reboot and refresh it, and will hopefully cure any technical problems you were facing. 

If you are giving your speaker to someone else, or you need to set it up again fresh, then you may need to know how to factory reset Google Home. Press and hold the button under the power socket for fifteen seconds, and this will reset your speaker. 

If you are performing a factory reset, remember that you will clear any data on the device and if you did not mean to do this, you will have to complete your speaker?s initial set-up again.

How To Use Google Home As An Intercom

One of the great features of Google Home is its ability to pair up with lots of different devices around your home. Many people opt to get several speakers around the house and connect them all to each other via the same router

If you want to get a message to a different speaker elsewhere in your home, for example, if you need to let the children know that their dinner is on the table, using speakers in each room as an intercom can save you having to shout up the stairs. 

To create your very own Google Home two way intercom, you will need to make sure that all of the speakers you plan to use are using the same wifi connection and are each logged into your Google account. As long as this is all set up, just say ?OK Google, broadcast.? You?ll be met with Google asking you what the message is and then, whatever message you record will get played through your Google Home intercom. 

If the other person wants to reply, they just need to say ?OK Googe, Broadcast? and repeat the same process as the first message. 

It should be mentioned that if you have several speakers set up, the message will play out of all of them at once. So with that in mind, make sure you don?t say anything you don?t want other people in other rooms hearing.

How To Use Google Home With Smart Plugs

Using a Google Home smart plug is an excellent way of managing electronic devices in your home. If you want your Christmas tree lights to come on and go off with a simple voice command or a tap on your app, you can set this up quickly. According to Google, there are over 30,000 devices that can be set up in this same way. 

Set up the plugs as the manufacturer?s instructions tell you to. Then, open your Google Home app on your mobile, then click on ?add?, and then ?set up device?. If the plugs are made by Google, click ?set up new devices?. If they are not, click on ?have something already set up?. The latter option will take you to a list of brands and devices that are compatible, and you just need to search for your plugs on the list and then select them. 

Once added, you can change the name of the plugs so that you can quickly identify them when you come to turn them on and off in the future.

How To Use Google Home To Control Your Light Switches

Walking into any room you can switch your lights on with your voice using your Google Home. And, if that wasn?t enough, as you leave the room you can do the same with your Google light switch to turn it off. 

If you want to control your lights from your Google Home, you will need to get compatible bulbs such as the Phillips Hue lights. These can be turned on and off and even dimmed from your Google devices. 

Set-up is easy. Open up your Google Assistant app and click on the compass in the ?explore? section. Then, click on the three dots on the top right and choose ?settings?. Then go onto ?services? and ?home control? and then the plus symbol. From the list, select Philips Hue. Once added it will then go through the process of assigning these bulbs to specific rooms.

Once set up, you?ll be able to use your voice or even text to communicate with your lights.

How To Control Your Thermostat With Google Home

Having control over your heating wherever you are in the world is something that is possible with the smart thermostat Google Home can provide. Whether you just want to turn the heating on or off or adjust the temperature, you can do this from the comfort of your sofa.

You will need a Nest thermostat which you will need to install using the manufacturer?s guidelines. Once this is set up, open Google Assistant on your mobile device, tap on your profile picture and then tap on ?Settings?, ?Assistant?, and then ?Home Control?. Next up you will need to select the ?Devices? tab, and then from this press the plus button in the bottom right. You?ll be given a list of possible devices that you could add, from this you need to select ?Nest?. After this, you will be prompted to enter your Nest login details. Then you can assign the device to a location in your home, and you are ready to tell your home to warm up. 

By simply saying ?Hey Google? you will wake your Google Home up, from which you can ask what the temperature of your home is at currently, ask to ?make it warmer?, as to ?make it cooler?, or specify a temperature that you would like it to be set at by saying ?Set the temperature to x degrees?.

How To Update Google Home

If you want to continue to get the best out of your Google Home, then on occasions you will need to update it. In order to fix any issues, and to add any new features, Google will release updates that mean that your smart speaker is functioning well at all times. 

Your Google Home should update itself on a regular basis automatically. This is true of whichever model you have, be it the Google Home Mini, the Max or the Nest Hub, then as long as it is connected to the internet, it will update.

If you want to check to ensure you have the latest software running, then you should open your Google Home app, select the Google Home speaker, tap onto the ?Device Settings? button and then scroll to the bottom to see which version of the firmware you are running. Visit Google?s support pages to find out which current versions you should have. Some updates may take a while to come around to you as Google will send them down automatically by region.

How To Connect Google Home To Your Bluetooth Speaker

Your Google Home will already work as a speaker through which you can stream all of your favorite music. However, if you only have of the smaller speakers such as the Google Home Mini, you may want something bigger and louder to listen through. If you have a better Bluetooth speaker you can pair your Google Home and Bluetooth speaker together. That way you can still use your Google Home for all of the other features while your Bluetooth speaker plays the music. 

Google Home Bluetooth pairing could not be any simpler. You can pair any Bluetooth speaker up to your Google Home, as long as it has Bluetooth 2.1 or higher. Make sure the Bluetooth speaker is set to its pairing mode and then connect Bluetooth speaker to Google Home.

Open up your Google Home app, select your device from the main screen, tap on the settings symbol and then scroll down to ?Paired Bluetooth Devices? and then select ?Enable Pairing?, you can then find your Bluetooth speaker and select it. If you want to keep connecting to this device in the future, you can set it as ?Default Music Speaker? on the ?Enable Pairing Mode? screen.

If you want to though, you can, of course, use your Google Home as a Bluetooth speaker, If you want to know how to use Google Home Mini as Bluetooth speaker, then it is really simple. 

Just say ?OK, Google, Bluetooth pairing? and then the speaker will become discoverable by any Bluetooth devices that are nearby.

How To Connect Google Home To WiFi

To make use of all of the features that Google Home has to offer, you will need to be connected to Wifi. Of course, this will be one of the first things that you will do with your smart speaker during the set-up process and you may not remember how to change wifi on Google Home. However, if you happen to need to take it anywhere new you will need to know how to connect Google Home to new wifi. 

Firstly, you will need to connect your mobile device to the wifi that you plan to use, then open the Google Home app. Then you will need to tap on the plus symbol, and then ?Set Up Device? and then ?Set Up New Devices In Your Home?, from there you will be able to look through the list of devices available to connect, select your speaker and assign it a location and a name. When you are given a list of available wifi networks, select the one that you want to connect the device to and enter the password. The devices will then pair up and will take a few moments to get in sync. The app will let you know when they are ready to use.

How Do I Change The Wake Word For Google Home?

Google Home wake words are the phrases that you use to kick your Google Home into action so that it knows to listen out for your commands. But saying ?OK Google? every time you want it to listen to you may not suit you.  Without making any changes, it will also respond to ?Hey BooBoo?, which is clearly aimed at the younger market. 
But maybe you want to set your Google Home custom wake word to something completely different. Unfortunately, there is no official way with which to do this. One way of working around this problem though may be to give your Google Assistant a new name using the Tasker and Autovoice apps which you will need to download from the Play Store.

How To Play Music On Google Home

One of the most popular uses for Google Home is a streaming service for your favorite music and podcasts. Whatever type of music you enjoy, you can find it by using streaming services such as Spotify, Google?s own music services, or Pandora. If you want to play Amazon Music on Google Home, you will, unfortunately, be unable to. This is because Amazon have their own Alexa speakers which are a direct competitor of the Google Home. 

Using voice commands you can request whatever song comes to mind and have it played for you instantly, with no need to search.  Here?s how to connect Spotify to Google Home: Make sure that you have your Spotify account set up and that you know your login details. On your Google Home app tap on the menu in the top left corner, select ?Account Preferences?, then ?Linked Media Accounts?, from the list, select Spotify and press ?Link Account?, then go ahead and log into your Spotify account. 

Alternatively, you may want to know how to cast Pandora to Google Home: Firstly, make sure that you have fully set up your Pandora account, then open up your Google Home app and press the profile icon at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Press ?music? and then ?Pandora?, select ?Link Account? and then enter your login details. 

To select any of the streaming services to be your default, press ?music? again, and tap the radio button next to your desired streaming service. 

What Is A Google Home To Do List?

Your Google Home to do list is a very handy way of making list of things that you need to do, or even things that you may need to buy. It can be handy for setting reminders of things that you need to remember to do, such as putting the rubbish out or feeding the dog. Just by saying out loud what you need to set a reminder for, it can save you the need to write things down or forget about anything. 

Because this is such a handy little resource it is worth knowing how to make a to do list. Google does not have the ability to create these lists within its own software, however, it is possible to work around this. 

If This Then That (IFTTT) can help you. This service allows you to create commands and services across smart devices. Create an account, and then create a new applet.

Then, head over to your Google Assistant account and make sure that you connect your IFTTT account up by selecting ?Connect? on the IFTTT page of Google Assistant. 

Once they are connected with each other, download ?Todoist? which is a separate app that works with Google Home and IFTTT. Once you have that downloaded and installed, open it and connect it to your IFTTT app by pressing ?Connect?. 

You can then find a template in IFTTT that will allow you to make the kind of lists that suit you. Head to IFTTT and select  ?Add Task To Todoist?.

Once you have this setup, you can start organizing your life by giving yourself items for your to-do list. 

How To Change Google Home Location

Your Google Home knows where you live. This information is very useful to it as it will help when it comes to all sorts of things such as providing information about your local area, such as the weather. 

This is useful if you are going to move house, or need to use your Google Home anywhere away from your house for any length of time. Google Home does not currently work in all countries, so be sure and check that it is supported in the country that you plan to use it. 

All of your Google Home devices will be connected to your home address. You can add additional addresses if you will be using your Google Home in more than one address on a regular basis.

To change the location of your Google Home device, open the Google Home app, select the device that you need the location changing on, tap the settings icon, and then to change the address select ?Home?, or to change to a different room with the house, select ?Room?.

How To Add Your Own Recipe To Google Home

Your Google Home fetches you all kinds of useful information. One place it comes in especially handy is in the kitchen. When your hands are covered in flour and you have pots and pans everywhere, turning the pages in recipe books is never ideal. 

Instead, Google Home can guide you through recipes in a way that will take the stresses out of having to decipher your recipe book. Google sources the best recipes from reputable online cookbooks, it can set the timers that let you know when things are ready. 

To make the best use of this feature here is how to add a recipe to Google Home:

To find a recipe that you want to add to Google Home, either browse recipes Google Assistant or through your smartphone and find a recipe that you like. When you find the recipe that you like, tap ?Sent To Google Home?, and then, when you next go into Google Home they will be there waiting for you. 

To use the recipe, say to Google, ?Ok Google, start recipe? and then your device will start reading off the recipe for you. You can ask Google to move onto the next step by simply saying: ?Ok Google, next step?. If you want to Google to say something that you may have misheard, say ?Ok Google, repeat step?.

If you ask Google to do anything between steps, it will do whatever you ask of it while still keeping your place in the recipe.

How To Control Your Security System With Google Home

The security of your home is something that should obviously be a high priority issue. Whether you are looking for an intruder alarm or a single or multi-camera surveillance system with motion detection, there is a lot of scope for Google Home to help you to manage your Google Home security systems from wherever you are. This will help to give you peace of mind whenever you need it the most. 

There are a number of different security systems on the market. Some will provide alarms and a variety of cameras. Some will provide security support that works with your doors locks. 

With a wireless Google Home security camera, you will be able to view the interior of your home. This can be useful for keeping an eye out for intruders, but it is also great for checking in on pets when they are home alone.

When setting up your security cameras, they will each be assigned a name. That way when it comes to streaming them you can just say: ?Hey Google, show (camera name)?, or ?OK Google, what?s on (camera name)?.  You can also instruct your Google Home to stream your surveillance footage straight to your simple stating the of the camera that you want to see and the name of the Chromecast device that you would like the video streaming to.

Settings and controls for your security alarm systems may differ from model-to-model, but there will be things that you can and cannot do via voice command. For example, you cannot disarm your Nest intruder alarm by voice as this could impose a security threat. 

If you would like to arm your intruder alarm as you leave your home, you can simply say ?Hey Google, set Nest Secure to home and guarding?, or if you are away, ?Ok Google, set Nest Serure to away and guarding?. If you need to cancel this command within the first few seconds, you can say ?Ok Google cancel security?. After a few seconds have elapsed you will need to manually disarm the alarm.  You can also ask Google what the status of your security is.

Voice commands to arm your alarms will only work if there is no passcode set up for the system.

How To Add Multiple Accounts On Google Home

There are a number of reasons that you may want to add multiple accounts on Google Home. If there are a few of you in the family, you don?t all want to share the same accounts with the same to-do lists, calendars or music accounts. For that reason, you can set up your Google Home with multiple accounts. 

You can set up to six different accounts onto one Google Home device.

To get additional accounts set up, open your Google Home app and you should see a notification informing you that ?Multi-User Is Now Available?. Click on the link to set up additional accounts. 

If there is no multi-user notification, don?t worry, you can also do this by heading into ?Devices?, then ?Settings? and you should then see the option to add multiple users. 

Google can learn the difference between voices associated with specific accounts. To set up this handy feature head to ?Devices?, then ?Settings? and then ?More? and finally ?Shared Devices?. 

Tap on the plus logo in the bottom and then you will enter the set up that allows you to train Google to identify specific voices. You will be asked to repeat ?Ok Google? and ?Hey Google?. To add additional voices to your account click ?Continue? and then ?invite?.

When additional user accounts are set up, each user will need to download the Google Home app and go through the set up for any services that they will want to use such as music streaming as well any personalized content settings. They will also need to have any smart devices around the home adding to their account, assuming that they want to be able to connect and control them. 

Once everyone is set up, you do not need to switch between accounts as Google will recognize each of the voices of the people using it.

How To Change The Voice On Google Home

You may not be the biggest fan of the voice that Google chooses to use for their assistant. It may well be that after a while of using your smart speaker, you have begun finding the voice annoying and you want to get rid of it. 

You may want Google to have an accent that is close to your own accent. If this is one of the ten different voices available at the moment, then you can do this.

If you want to send the default voice of Google away and replace it with a fresh voice that you enjoy the sound of more, here is how: 

Open up your Google Home app on your mobile device, then click on the ?Settings? Icon. Then go to ?More Settings?, select ?Assistant? and then ?Assistant voice?. 

You will then be able to see a selection of different options, click on the colored circles to hear them all and pick the one that you prefer. Once you have made your choice, press the back button to save your preference. 

This will change Google?s voice on your phone too.  

How To Adjust The Volume On Google Home

Somedays you will want to hear your Google Home nice and loud, other days you may be a little bit more sensitive to sounds and you will just want to know how to turn down the volume on Google Home Mini so that you can keep the device turned down nice and low. To make sure that you have full control over this you will need to know how to adjust the volume of Google Home Mini. 

Simply say ?Ok Google, turn it up? and you will get a 10% increase. ?Hey Google, turn it down? will make it drop by 10%. You can give it a number or percent that you want the volume to be set at. You can specify a percentage to increase or decrease it by. Or you can just tell it to use max volume or minimum volume. 

Alternatively, just press on the right or left-hand side of your speaker to manually adjust the volume. 

Stay Tuned

Have additional questions regarding Google Home? Feel free to contact us. Additionally, we will be continually updating this post with more tips and tricks related to using your Google Home. Make sure to check back with us for future updates.

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