How To Reset Sonos Boost

An appealing feature of Sonos Boost is that once you’ve set up and configured your network of speakers and used Trueplay to ensure that your listening experience is optimal in every room, the network manages itself with little need for intervention on the user’s part.

That said, there may be times when you find yourself wondering how to reset Sonos Boost to its factory settings. Let’s take a look at some circumstances where this may be necessary and how you go about it.

There may be times when you need to reset Sonos Boost. If you buy a used Boost you might need to reset it before adding it to your existing network of Sonos speakers. Alternatively, you may choose to reset it to ensure continuity of service or are having trouble finding your new Boost on the Sonos app. For many of the connection or service issues that occur with the tool, resetting to factory default is the most common way of restoring proper service. Alternatively, if you find yourself selling or giving your Sonos boost away, you’ll want to reset it to factory settings so that a new user can enjoy using it with their existing setup. 

Please note that resetting your Sonos Boost will remove all registration information, content saved to your My Sonos account, and music services stored on each Sonos product. Resetting Sonos Boost will not necessarily delete user data from every device that uses the network.

Sonos Boost

Resetting Sonos Boost: A Step by Step Guide

The reset procedure for Sonos Boost is the same as for all Sonos products with the exception of Sonos Move. It goes as follows:

Step One

Unplug the Sonos Boost’s power cord from the unit.

Step Two

Press and hold the Join button (marked by an infinity symbol – not easy to miss as it’s the only button on the device) as you reinsert the power cord.

Step Three

Keep the button held down until the LED flashes orange and white.

Step Four

Wait for the light to flash green. This means the rest has been carried out successfully and the Sonos Boost is ready to use.

Is Sonos Boost For Me?​

Ultimately, that’s a question that only you can answer, dear reader. For some it may be an absolute Godsend, but for others its functionalities (while impressive) may be surplus to requirements.

For apartments and smaller homes, the built-in connectivity of Sonos speakers may be perfectly suited for requirements. However, for larger homes where wireless connectivity is an issue or structural elements result in wifi blind spots, Sonos Boost can provide an elegant solution that assures seamless streaming of music and audio content throughout the home.

Keep reading to learn more about what Sonos Boost is and what it does.

Sonos Boost
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