How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Speaker For A Toddler

Why Should You Buy Your Toddler A Bluetooth Speaker?

Buying your toddler a bluetooth speaker is a great way to let them listen to and control their favorite tunes. With their own bluetooth speaker, toddlers can listen to music, videos, and their favorite children’s audiobooks via pairing to your smartphone or tablet. Toddlers especially enjoy bluetooth speakers that also work as soothing nightlights. You can even build a playlist of lullabies to sooth your little one. As your toddler grows, they will enjoy the the other features of their bluetooth speakers. These features include portability, water resistance, and excellent sound quality. You may want to buy your toddler a speaker specific to their age, or you may want to buy them a more advance one that they can grow into. Regardless, when buying a bluetooth speaker for a toddler, durability is a feature that should always be considered.

What To Look For In Bluetooth Speakers For Toddlers?

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a bluetooth speaker for your toddler. We will cover those considerations here and follow it up with our recommendations on the best options available on the market.


One of the most important factors in choosing the right bluetooth speaker is the age of your child. For toddlers, you want to choose a speaker that is durable and age appropriate. For older children, additional features such as sound quality become bigger factors.


Features among different speakers vary. Some of the biggest considerations to keep in mind are voice control, built-in cameras, water resistance, soothing lights, etc.


Price is another consideration when choosing the best bluetooth speaker for the toddler in your life. Budget options are as low as $30 and high-end options can eclipse the $50 price range. It all comes down to the quality and features that you are looking for to meet your needs. Are you looking for something that is affordable and that you won’t stress you out if it breaks? Or are you looking to invest a bit more money so that your toddler can grow into it? These are the things to keep in mind as you consider which speaker makes the most sense for your family.

Ease Of Use

One of the most important factors to consider is ease of use. Do you want simple, large push buttons or more complex functionality. How involved do you want to be in the speakers operation? This consideration is related to both your toddler’s age and to their development and fine motor skills.

What Is The Best Bluetooth Speaker For Toddler Use?

Take a look below as we run through the best options currently available for your toddler. We will run through the pros/cons of each and you can click on the links from each to check their prices and explore purchasing options. In general, the speakers below are listed in ascending order by price.

Lovely Pet Mini

Pros: compact size, can use two for stereo sound, works as a speakerphone, can use as a camera remote.

Cons: not waterproof and lack of durability.

XLEADER SoundAngel

Pros: 12 – 15 hours of battery life with heavy use, ability to pair 2 speakers, smart touch design, waterproof case.

Cons: bottom facing speaker, unclear instructions

My Audio Pet Mini

Pros: choice of cute animals, connects easily, selfie mode

Cons: pairing issues can occur with 7th generation ipod and nano

Cute Animal Owl Nightlight

Pros: soothing nightlight with different color patterns and soft glow make this perfect for lullabies. 

Cons: small size and doesn’t hold a long charge

Soundcore Mini 2 Pocket

Pros: Not strictly for toddlers, this is a full featured bluetooth speaker that your child can grow into.

Cons: Not specifically designed for toddlers.

Dancing Robot

Pros: Fun! Dances to music and is truly a toy and speaker in one.

Cons: can’t play music while charging and lack of water resistance.

Bose SoundLink Micro

Pros: IPX7 waterproof rating, excellent sound quality, Siri and Google Assistant integration.

Cons: price.

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Pros: Bose quality sound, science lesson and a bluetooth speaker all in one. 

Cons: assembly can be challenging without access to iOS app.

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