How To Buy The Right Smart Light Switch For Your Home

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What if saving money was as quick as hitting a switch?

That can happen for you when you buy a smart light switch for your home. However, you may not know how to find the best smart light switch for your specific needs.

Keep reading to discover our guide to the best smart switches!


One way to find the best smart light switch is to figure out how interconnected you want things to be. Some consumers settle for a single light and light switch, but you may desire a more connected system.

If you want the light switch to interact well with your system, it’s best to stick with a single brand. For instance, buying a Philips Hue Dimmer can help enhance your Philips Hue bulbs while making setup much easier.

Location, Location, Location

Picking the best smart switches is about more than buying a solid brand name. You must also consider the exact location for each of the lights.

If you just need a simple light for a bedroom or hallway, it’s pretty simple to pick one out. However, if you need bulbs outside, you must make sure they are weather resistant. If you want a subtle light for late at night, you should consider an LED light strip.

Once you know where you need the light, you’ll know the light you need!

Ease of Setup

One big factor to consider before buying a smart light switch is the complexity of setting it up. The difficulty factor mostly depends on how tech savvy you are and how much of a system you are setting up at one time.

Some systems are more “plug and play” than others. However, you still must be comfortable connecting new devices to the wi-fi system of your home.

Other systems are more complex. The Philips Hue line we mentioned earlier is high quality but requires setting up a central hub as well as setting up each light individually.

To make setup easier, consider having a friend or professional on hand to help you out.

Bells and Whistles

On the most basic level, a smart light switch gives you remote control over the lighting in your home. However, depending on your lifestyle and needs, you may need some more bells and whistles.

For instance, those who travel a lot may want a system that supports geofencing. This means you can set the system up to automatically turn lights off when you leave the house and on once you return.

Or if you work a lot in the kitchen, you may want voice activation features. In that case, you may want a smart light switch that interacts with other systems such as Amazon’s Alexa.

Smart Light Switch: The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to select a smart light switch, the journey towards a smarter home has just started. Who can help you take the next steps?

That’s where A Connected Home comes in. This site provides the best resources you need to fully automate your home.

To see how they can help you create a smarter home, come check out their lighting section today!

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