Home Automation Kit: 17 Devices Every Smart Home Needs

Living in today’s modern world means you have technology and home devices available to you that are more innovative than ever before. One of the most innovative products on the market is the installation of a smart home automation kit for you and your family.

This will unlock life-hacks like never before and gives you a way to practice cutting down on expensive costs such as leaving the lights on.

But with all the devices available in today’s market, it’s hard to know which ones would help and which are going overboard. Here are 17 smart home devices you should incorporate into your smart home hub!

1. Crock-Pot Smart Wi-Fi Slow Cooker

As if the Crock-pot didn’t help you life-hack several hours of cooking before… now you can put it into your smart home for even more convenience!

This version of the Crock-pot uses the WeMo phone app to help you control cook time.

It’s perfectly compatible, whether you use iOS or Android, and gives you the chance to have food ready for dinner as soon as you get home at night!

At around $130 retail, this smart device is WELL worth the investment.

2. Oco Wireless HD Security Camera

One of the main reasons people install smart homes into their houses is for state-of-the-art home security measures.

Take that a bit further with the Oco Security Cameras for maximum surveillance.

These cameras come in a bundle of 3 and have features such as night-vision, two-way audio, and alerts on your smartphone to keep your house safe any time of day.

It has learning features to adjust and distinguish from normal everyday sounds (like that territorial squirrel in your tree) to uncommon sounds and motions that may pose a threat.

While the up-front price may seem hefty at $399.99 retail, it’s justified with the 3 smart security cameras to protect your house.

3. Nest Learning Thermostat

Face it… your entire family is hot-and-cold (pun intended) with how they prefer the thermostat to be set.

While you may like it cooler at night to optimize the cold side of the pillow effect, other family members may like it warmer to help nuzzle them to sleep.

Now, you can achieve both AND save on energy costs simultaneously through this simple home automation!

The Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with iOS and Android and can be synced up to Alexa.

This bad boy learns the times you’re typically home and adjusts the energy-expenditure accordingly.

At $250.00 retail, this wireless, Bluetooth-friendly thermostat will open new doors for your home. (again, pun intended!)

4. Sonos PLAY:1 Smart Speaker

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the fun stuff!

Whether you’re working out in your home gym to a killer playlist or putting on a podcast while you clean, the Sonos Play:1 is here to help.

It hooks up easily to iOS or Android and is completely set up on Wi-Fi, meaning your party is ready to rock all-the-sooner.

The Sonos PLAY:1 is competitively priced for an all-purpose smart speaker.

5. iRobot Roomba 980

No chore is more painstakingly boring than having to sweep the entire house.

Now that you have a smart home automation kit, that chore no longer requires you to monitor it, thanks to the Roomba 980.

This smart little guy can detect dirt around the house and head straight to the spot to clean it up. It returns to it’s charging bay once it’s done, to get its mind right before the next cleaning mission.

You can use the app to install certain cleaning schedules (like when you’re at work) and it adjusts the cleaning power to the flooring it’s on.

$885 at retail is a great price for a smart device that will completely eliminate the need to vacuum and keep your floors clean daily.

6. Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Dimmer Kit

Have you always wanted to install a light dimmer kit into your smart home?

The Lutron Caseta kit gives you two for the price of one in the form of two in-wall dimmers, two wall plates, and separate remote controls for both.

Better yet, the entire system can be controlled via your phone or apple watch and is compatible with most smart home hub systems.

At an affordable, the Lutron Caseta kit gives you veritable options on where to install the system at a low price for the technology involved.

7. Amazon Echo

This is undoubtedly the most well-known product on this list, and for good reason: it lives up to the reputation!

Imagine all of the items on this list being able to be controlled by your voice… Enter the Amazon Echo.

It’s compatible with most smart home applications (such as WeMo for the previously-mentioned Crock-pot) and constantly updating its software to stay innovative.

This clever device makes all your voicing and command wishes come true.

8. Haiku L Ceiling Fan

Who doesn’t appreciate a good ceiling fan?

The Haiku L ceiling fan is available for all your indoor or outdoor fan needs with LED lighting and Alexa-commanded start/stop.

Gone are the days of the annoying clicking ceiling fan, as this one gives you a smooth and muted airflow.

Ceiling fans are an often-overlooked luxury in the modern household.

Once you go completely smart house, you won’t want to reach up to click it on anymore… Thankfully, the Haiku L can help you with that.

9. Kuna Smart Outdoor Light/Camera

Trying to be a little less conspicuous with your home security camera than something staring down your neighbors at every turn?

This smart home security device acts as both a porch light and an HD camera.

Much like the Oco security cameras, this camera sends notifications to your phone whenever someone walks up to your home.

It also provides a two-way intercom so you can reach out to anyone that arrives on your doorstep.

Because of the many features and dual-purpose, this product is an absolute bargain.

10. iSmartAlarm iSA3 Home Security System

Are you the type of person searching for smart home security devices that allow you to customize features and fit nicely into your house?

The iSmartAlam iSA3 gives you all the bare essentials to a home security system while giving you free rein on how to install it.

The entire package includes a security hub, motion sensor, two window sensors, two sensor stickers, and two separate remotes.

All of which can be controlled via your cell phone. This is an incredible deal for an all-encompassing security system!

11. August Smart Lock

Boy oh boy, is this one a game changer or what?

You’ll no longer have to carry around a janitor’s key ring to lock or unlock your home, thanks to the August Smart Lock.

This home automation device is entirely controlled by your phone and allows you to lock/unlock your door from wherever you may be.

Not to worry though, you won’t have to pull up the app every time you’re at the front door.

It automatically opens when you yourself walk up to it… no strings attached!

It’s not hard to understand why this product will benefit your family (and peace of mind) for years and years.

12. Schlage Connect Camelot Deadbolt

Speaking of “peace of mind”, what locking feature brings you more assurance than a sturdy deadbolt?

If the August Smart Lock is just a bit too innovative for your comfort, then this touchpad-operated deadbolt will do the trick!

You now have two options to control the deadbolt: your phone or a numbered pin pad.

Either way, it will keep your home completely safe from break-ins while granting you easy locking and unlocking.

This lock is a no-brainer if you’re not ready to say goodbye to an old-fashioned keypad just yet.

13. Ring Video Doorbell

Again, if you’re trying to be more discrete about your paranoia of who stops by when you’re not around, the Ring Video Doorbell can help you out.

This clever piece of gadgetry has motion-sensor recording and keeps you constantly updated with movement on your front porch.

It comes with night vision as well and has a few power sources to make sure it won’t give out when you need it most.

Considering you’re getting a camera, doorbell, motion alerts, and cloud-based recording, the price tag is well worth it for the combination of features.

14. BeON Home Protection System

For all of the preventative-type people out there looking to be prepared in an emergency, the BeON home system is something you need.

The smart light bulbs are ready to use backup power (via battery) if the power were to ever go out.

You can also customize them to turn on when an alarm is triggered, when you’re not home, etc.

They can also be used indoors AND outdoors, so there’s light backup wherever you go inside or outside the house.

You can find these sold in packs of threes.

15. iBaby Video Camera

No longer do parents have to keep a sound-only baby monitor in their room and guesstimate on whether the sound is a baby crying or cooing.

This high-tech baby monitor helps you visually monitor your precious child with a 360-degree panorama, high-quality picture, night vision, and an interactive speaker.

It’s controlled via the iBaby Care app and lets you customize different features to your liking.

These baby cameras are well worth the price given all the monitoring features that it presents for your family to keep an eye on the little one(s).

While there are several amazing baby monitors in the marketplace, this one sets itself apart with optimal viewing and customization. Another smart option you may consider for the toddlers in your life are bluetooth speakers.

16. PetCube Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Perhaps your biggest concern when you leave the house every morning for work isn’t a burglar at all.

Maybe, instead of dreading walking into a house destroyed by strangers, you’re afraid of walking into a house destroyed by one of your own… the dog!

There are several tremendous features on the Petcube that optimize it’s $149 price tag such as two-way audio to talk to and console your dog or cat.

All cat owners are going to love the built-in laser toy that allows you to play with your cat (or dog, if they’re into that) from your office desk.

Its 138-degree viewing gives you almost side-to-side coverage of any room and is completely compatible with both iOS and Android.

You no longer have to be away from your furry friend, now thanks to PetCube, they’re literally just a phone call away.

17. Rachio Sprinkler Controller

All domestic King’s and Queen’s are searching for the easiest ways to get ahead of their neighbors and claim the title of “best lawn in the neighborhood”.

The Rachio Sprinkler Controller will help keep that Kentucky Blue Grass lush and hydrated and cut down on your water bill at the same time.

It considers the weather forecast (and the results of rainstorms) to factor how much sprinkler water needs to be used for an optimal lawn.

You already have enough to think about in your life, buy this puppy at retail value and let it watch the rain for you.

Your Smart Home Automation Kit Made Smarter

Now that you’ve seen the copious amounts of smart home devices that will help your home automation kit thrive, it’s time to pick out your favorites.

Remember, you don’t have to go all-out to begin with. Start by integrating a few features at a time, and build on it from there!

Be sure to check out this article on the best smart water leak detection systems to protect all your clever devices from water damage.

For more inquiries, please fill out our contact us form.

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