Headed on Vacation? Here are 7 Reasons to Install Smart Home Security Technology

Did you know there were over 1.4 million burglary incidents in 2017 alone? How can you feel safe when you’re out at work or when you go on a lengthy vacation? There will always be that tingling feeling that someone could break into your home.

Eliminate that fear and sense of uncertainty with smart home security technology. With the right devices in place, you can easily monitor your home and manage all your appliances or locks.

Still not sure why you should invest in smart devices? We’re here to clear the air. Read on below to discover seven amazing benefits of integrating smart home products.

1. Smoke and Fire Hazards

One of the key reasons to invest in smart home security technology is to check for smoke and fire hazards. There’s nothing more terrifying than going on a vacation only to come home to ashes. Also, take into consideration there are about 355,000 or more house fires per year!

Smart security devices like Google’s Nest Protector guarantee you’ll always know when there’s something dangerous cooking in your home!

The Nest Protector, for example, can send you silent notifications on your phone whenever it detects unwarranted smoke. It can even tell you where the smoke comes from and when the potential fire hazard started.

More importantly, you have the option to keep the alarm in your home silent. This ensures they won’t disturb the neighbors but you’ll get the alarms on your phone. Features like this ensure you don’t scare the neighbors with false alarms.

Don’t think twice?? you should get a smart smoke and fire alarm to keep you notified no matter where you are. Even if nothing happens, you can’t beat the peace of mind that comes with the ability to check on your home whenever you feel like it.

You shouldn’t stop with smoke and fire, either. Leaks can cause damage too and there are smart devices that can alert you whenever one happens. Make sure to look into these smart products too!

2. Easily Monitor Your Home

Learning how to safeguard your home involves more than locking your doors and windows. There are times when the problems don’t come from burglars but from your own home. Fortunately, smart home security technology can help you keep track of what goes on in your home.

New technologies for home monitoring, like Skylink and SimpliSafe, let you visually check your home even when you’re away. They work like regular CCTV networks except they connect online, letting you view each camera’s footage from your phone or tablet.

Some safe home products go a few steps beyond: they let you remotely lock doors, turn off lights, and sound off alarms with your phone. If you turned on the app and noticed a stranger loitering around your property, you can use smart security networks to shock them with a loud alarm.

You could keep things quiet too and directly notify the police. This lets them catch the person red-handed, something you normally can’t achieve with traditional alarms. Regular alarms scare burglars away long before the police can arrive.

Monitoring your home goes beyond looking for potential burglars. You can use the smart cameras and detectors to check if you left any appliances on. You can check if the gas is leaking or if the sinks are on, flooding the basement.

Now you don’t have to keep calling a friend or neighbor. You don’t need to pester them so that they’ll drive by and check on your home. It’s all in the palm of your hands now.

3. You Can Keep Valuables Locked

Not all smart devices are CCTV-like cameras. You can also find smart security locks and vaults.

One great example is the?Night Owl Smart?Safe. This vault allows you to check its content using an app and you can even review a complete history of usage and alerts. Even more amazing is the built-in camera that lets you visually check the content.

Why is this a great benefit?

Imagine if you’re out on vacation and you left a handgun or valuable jewelry in that vault. If someone entered your home, whether friend or burglar, you’ll be able to double-check to ensure they never get their hands on your belongings.

If someone stole that vault, you’ll have the ability to track them. Not only does smart security products like these help keep you safe but they help the police catch perpetrators too.

Don’t stop here though.

You can also invest in smart vaults and safes that include high-end biometric locks. These won’t open unless you use your fingerprints or voice command to unlock them. Systems like these ensure thieves won’t be able to break into the safe even if they get their hands on it?? if they try and fail, you’ll get the notification immediately.

Smart safes become even more important in homes with guns. More than 43% of the population live in homes with at least one gun, which further cements the importance of keeping a gun safe you can check at all times!

4. Remotely Lock Your Home

Forgot to lock your windows or the front door? Don’t feel embarrassed, this happens more often than you’d think. It can happen to anyone, especially when people are in a rush or excited about their vacation.

The good news is that smart home safety and security devices can resolve this for you.

You can easily find smart door locks, like Ultroloq and Schlage door locks, that you can lock and unlock from your smartphone. This makes it a breeze to check your doors and windows even when you’re on vacation.

If someone tries to tamper the locks or break into the door, you’ll know about it too. You’ll get a notification alerting you about a potential break-in. You can then remotely sound off a loud alarm at your home or keep it quiet and call for the police.

However, monitoring your locks isn’t simply to keep burglars out. You can use these smart devices to let people in.

Did you forget to give your kids or friend a spare key? Do they need to get in the house while you’re gone? Now you can let them in quickly and still lock the door once they leave and it only takes a few taps on your phone or tablet.

This can come in handy when you have pets too. Perhaps you trust someone enough to let them in your home and feed your dog but not enough to give them a spare key. With these smart locks, you can let them in and lock the door as soon as they go.

5. Make Your Home Look Busy

One effective way to deter burglars is to make it seem like there’s activity in your home, even when you’re not there. This means keeping the lights on, turning on a television, and playing loud music. They won’t break in if they think someone is still awake since it increases their risk of getting caught.

Burglars won’t attempt to break in if they think the house still has an occupant or if it seems like there’s too much activity in the house. Many burglars strike at night, when people sleep. Scare them away by turning on the lights and play music at 2 AM, fooling them into thinking you’re still home.

When’s the best time to do something like this? You should focus on showcasing some kind of activity between 10 PM and 3 AM but also play random smart devices during the day too. This will deter burglars who assume you sleep during the day.

Which devices work best for this task? You can start with the numerous Alexa devices, like the Echo Dot or the Alexa Smart Bluetooth Speaker. These offer remote operation, ensuring you can play music and other entertainment systems even when you’re not at home.

Lights are important too. Make sure to turn them on and off at random, replicating how people move around in a house. Don’t follow a strict schedule with the lights because burglars might figure out that it’s all a routine to fool them.

If you’re not sure where to start, try out the smart lights by Peteme or Sylvania. These work well with Alexa, Siri, and other smart assistant platforms. You can use your phone to turn them on and off, change their colors, and set timers for them to follow.

6. Easier Communication with Guests

Isn’t it annoying when a courier comes by while you’re out on a trip? Some couriers might return the item back to the seller because you weren’t there to receive the item. This all changes with smart security devices.

Simply install a smart doorbell with a built-in camera and speaker. When the courier arrives and rings the doorbell, you’ll know about it through an app notification. You can then access the doorbell’s camera, check who’s at the door, and tell them to leave the item on your doorstep or with the neighbor.

Of course, you don’t have to limit this to delivery men. You can use a smart doorbell to check every guest knocking on your door. Now you can check who visits you when you’re out.

Did a friend send someone to get an item at your home? How sure are you that they sent the right person and that it’s someone you know? Use the smart doorbell camera to double-check before accessing the smart locks and letting them in.

7. Two-Step Verification Guarantees a Safer Home

Smart security devices are great but why use them? What’s another benefit of using them instead of relying on traditional locks and doorbells?

One reason is that you also get the guarantee of two-step verification.

If you use a traditional door lock, a burglar could easily break the lock or duplicate your key. With smart security systems and a two-step verification procedure, they won’t be able to do a thing even if they steal your phone.

Yes, your phone has all the apps that can unlock the doors or turn off the cameras. However, two-step verification ensures thieves can’t open these apps or make any changes without some sort of code.

These codes could be as simple as an email with verification or they could implement biometrics, like fingerprints and voice commands. This makes it highly unlikely that they’ll be able to break into the device. Some devices even send alarms if someone attempts to hack into their software.

This means only you can access the home apps that control all your smart security products. Why settle for traditional security measures that thieves can work around when you can use smart security systems that only you can manage?

Switching to New Technologies for Home Safety

Convinced about taking the first step to a safer, smarter home? That’s great, but how much does this all cost?

Fortunately, smart systems aren’t too costly. You can find many of them on online marketplaces like Amazon and installing them is easy too. You only have to put these items where you want them and then connect them to your Wi-Fi network.

Once connected, you have to then connect the device to the app on your phone. This pairs the device with your phone, ensuring other people with the same app or similar device can’t control the one in your home.

Take Advantage of Smart Home Security Technology

These are only some of the many advantages that smart home security technology offers. Even then, they easily help you keep track of your home and everything that goes on in and around it even when you’re not there.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your vacation! If you ever feel curious, you can turn to your phone to check on appliances, turn on alarms, and lock the doors. It’s that quick and simple!

Looking for more information about smart devices and smart homes? Check out our other articles to learn more. Here’s one discussing how to upgrade your space with smart outlets.

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