Fixed It: 14 Common Problems a Wireless Home Automation System Solves

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In 2015, there were approximately 4.6 million smart homes in the United States, and that number keeps on growing. But why would a person want to invest in a wireless home automation system? One reason is that people are becoming increasingly aware of the many smart home benefits, especially when it comes to security, convenience, and savings.

But what about the costs involved? Interestingly, putting together a home automation system can be surprisingly affordable. You only need to make sure that you?re working with the right smart home solutions provider.

Currently, there?s a variety of smart devices that can help solve many of the problems around your home. In this article, you?ll learn some of the top issues home automation can help solve.

1. Combat Porch Theft with a Wireless Home Automation System

How often have you shopped online, only for your package to get lost after delivery when you were not home? Porch theft is on the rise in the U.S., with criminals nowadays cruising neighborhoods hunting for packages to steal and resell the merchandise. Many homeowners assume the package got lost in the mailbox or delivered to the wrong house, and thus never follow up.

But how can you make sure that you never fall victim to porch thieves? Consider a smart doorbell to alert you on your smartphone whenever there?s movement in your compound, especially if you are away from home.

Nest Hello is among the top smart doorbells on the market at the moment. The product records video footage as soon as it senses movement and alerts you through a text to your phone. You can thus see theft in real-time and possibly avert the crime or catch the criminal.

2. Avert Damage from Floods and Water Leaks

What?s more annoying and destructive than a flood or water leakage in your home? Water leaks can bring a lot of damage to your floors, walls, and the overall structure of your home. The longer it takes to remove water from the house, the higher the amount of damage it can cause.

So how can you make sure that your home stays safe from water damage, especially in case there?s a leak or flood in your home when you?re not around?

Thanks to technology, there are smart leak detectors to monitor your home to ensure that there isn’t water in places it shouldn’t be. Some smart devices will even shut off the main water valve to prevent the leak from escalating and send an alert to your smartphone.

One such smart device is the SmartThings Water Leak Sensor. The device can be neatly tucked away in a leak-prone area. Upon contact with water, the device triggers an alarm and sends you an alert to your mobile device right away.

3. Prevent High Energy Bills

When are energy bills highest in your home? For many homeowners, high power consumption isn?t just during the ice storms of winter or the sweltering heat of midsummer, when the need for heating or cooling is at its peak. It happens consistently, and such homeowners would benefit from a wireless home automation system that helps monitor energy consumption.

Enter smart thermostats. These thermostats are among the newest and hottest home automation innovations in the market today. According to Parks Research, an estimated 40 million homes will have smart thermostats by 2020.

How do smart thermostats work? Well, most of these devices learn your schedule and routine and can automatically adjust the temperature in your home, depending on whether you are home or away. The result is significant energy savings over time.

4. Know When There Are Carbon Monoxide Leaks

You?ve always heard that carbon monoxide is one of the most lethal and silent killers out there. Have you done enough to protect yourself and your loved ones from this odorless gas?

One of the most effective ways to deal with carbon monoxide leaks is to install a carbon monoxide detector, like the Nest Protect Alarm. This device is an excellent example of why home automation is a worthy investment. The product is Wi-Fi connected and can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide leaks, alerting you through a text to your mobile device whenever there?s a problem.

What if there?s a false alarm? Well, you can always silence the alarm from your phone.

5. Tackle House Shouting

How do you alert everyone at home that dinner is ready? If all you do is yell, then you?ll appreciate the benefits of home automation when it comes to the area of communication. There are smart devices like Echo that can help you communicate with other people in the building without needing to shout.

The great thing with smart products like Echo is that, unlike intercoms, you don?t need to make holes in your walls or do wiring when installing them. Echo has an announce feature that lets you broadcast a message to every other Echo in your home.

6. Deal With an Unlocked Garage Door

How often have you had the hunch that you may have forgotten to lock the garage door? It’s undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable feelings, given that the garage is a common point of entry to most homes. Failing to lock your garage door immediately makes the rest of your home vulnerable to criminals.

Thankfully, you can install a smart garage door system like MyQ to alert you when someone opens your garage door. The device also allows you to remotely control your garage door, saving you the trouble of having to drive from where you are to close the door.

A smart garage door system can also automatically close your garage door at the end of the day. That means that even if you forget to do it when you get home, you?re still safe. It?s one of the top benefits of home automation.

7. Never Worry about a Lost Remote Control

Why does the TV remote get lost when you need it the most? It happens just as soon as you?ve settled in for a great movie marathon, and the last thing you want is to get back up and start hunting for it. Thanks to home automation, you can do without your remote, at least for a while.

Try setting up a Harmony Hub as well as a voice assistant, and you can start to control your TV using your voice.

Always make sure that the device you are using has a smartphone app that works as a remote control. Such an app can be beneficial when you can?t locate your actual TV remote control.

8. Deal With Blurry Security Camera Footage

How good is the image quality of your security camera, especially at night? Unless the camera footage is clear, your security camera is not as effective as it should be. Given that the majority of intruders step onto properties after dark, it?s beneficial to have a camera that can clearly show you what happens at night.

So what should you do? You can purchase a smart camera that features infrared night vision and has LED light bulbs in the lenses.

A smart camera utilizes an infrared-cut filter to detect daylight and blocks the light on the camera sensor during the day to produce clear footage. At night, smart cameras also record remarkably clear night footage. Request for samples of night footage before you purchase a smart camera to make sure videos are clear enough to help you identify people.

9. Switch Lights Off When Not In Use

It’s one of the things that happen most often, and one of the most annoying. You come home at the end of the day to find that you forgot to switch one or more of your lights. Or that the kids turned lights on everywhere around the home and never switched them off.

Leaving your lights on when you?re not using them is one of the top reasons for your increasing energy bills, but things don?t have to be that way. One of the smart home advantages is that it lets you automate the lighting of your home.

There?s home automation technology today that turns off your lights every morning after you?ve left for work. This way, you don?t have to worry about accidentally leaving your lights on. The Philips Hue Starter Kit, for instance, is a great solution.

10. Never Worry About Losing Keys

How many keys have you lost since you moved into your home? In the beginning, you had two, then handed one to someone and probably never saw it again. Now you have to make an extra key or risk great inconvenience in case the key gets lost.

Of course, you can stop worrying about physical keys and install a smart lock, such as the August Smart Lock. The device unlocks the door when you approach and locks it when you leave, besides allowing you to create codes that you can share with your family or close friends. With the smart lock, you can easily manage codes, monitor their use, and change them whenever you need to.

What if someone needs to access the house, but you are far away from home? Well, you can always remotely lock and unlock your door. It?s one of the coolest features of home automation systems.

11. Tackle Problematic Routers

How well do you get along with your router? These devices can be somewhat temperamental. Your router can slow down or simply stop working altogether with no apparent reason.

Who wants to spend a lot of time troubleshooting a router that?s acting up? Interestingly, you can often get your router working well again by merely rebooting it. Even better, you can install a smart plug to take care of the job whenever it?s necessary.

A smart plug allows you to schedule a power cycle. It also allows you to initiate the rebooting process from your phone whenever you want to.

12. No More Sprinkler System Control Issues

Who doesn’t love a healthy garden and a lush lawn? The problem is getting up frequently to turn the sprinklers on and off.

The fantastic news is that there are smart devices that can effectively control your sprinkler system. One such product is the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.

A smart sprinkler system lets you create sprinkler schedules using your phone. The best part, however, is that the system has built-in weather data. Therefore, it will always skip the sprinklers when there’s forecasted rain, averting water wastage. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller automatically adjusts to seasonal changes.

13. Deal With Sleep Problems

You’ve been there before. You crave a good night’s sleep but have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes, you wake up severally through the night, and simply can?t figure out what the problem is.

Thanks to the ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor, you can now better understand your sleeping habits. This smart device effectively analyzes your sleeping patterns. The device can also analyze your sleeping environment, including the temperature, light, and sound levels.

Based on the information the device gathers, it can recommend what you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. The device comes with apps for both Android and iOS.

14. Prevent Unauthorized Access of Your Valuables

What valuables do you have at home that you strictly want to keep away from everyone else? It could be that you have a firearm in the house and want to make sure that no one ever accesses it without your permission.

Why not try a smart device like the Iris Contact Sensor? It?s a small sensor that instantly alerts you when someone opens or locks something. The product is very flexible, and you can install it anywhere for whatever purpose you wish.

It?s Clear! You Need Home Automation

A wireless home automation system can help solve lots of annoying problems at home, from the small ones to the major issues. Whether you are looking to avert crime, prevent water damage, tackle carbon monoxide leaks, or simply combat energy loss, there?s always a smart device that?s ideal for your needs.

Would you like a home automation solution tailored for you? Contact us today.

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