Everything We Know About Smart Refrigerators

These days, the internet is everywhere in everything we touch. From our watches to our phones to our coffee orders to our grocery shopping, the internet is revolutionizing how we work in the world. So why shouldn?t it revolutionize how we work in our homes?

Smart home technology has taken off over the last few years, and we?re beginning to live in the sort of futuristic society where our fridge can tell us what we have in it and what we can make for dinner with those ingredients. In fact, the smart refrigerator is doing just that. Read on to learn more about smart refrigerators and their amazing capabilities.

What Is a Smart Refrigerator?

A smart refrigerator is a fridge that has a computer built into it. It can connect to your wifi, tell you what?s in it, store shopping lists, make music, and more. These devices are a part of the internet of things, a movement that?s likely to be the future of technology in the home. It works to connect all your various devices and appliances on one smart network that anticipates your needs and helps you run your home effortlessly.

Smart fridges come with a variety of features, including cameras on the inside, a large touch screen on the front, and a variety of apps for you to use. It can improve your cooking and shopping life and help you save money. Below are a few of the cooler features of these smart appliances.

Touch Screens

The biggest feature that sets apart smart refrigerators from traditional ones is their touch screen. These are large and high-tech, allowing you to access all the apps, cameras, and other features of your fridge. But they are more than just the control center for your fridge.

If you like watching the morning news, you don?t have to squint at it on a tiny phone that you?re holding up to your face anymore. Ask your Echo Dot to put the news on, and watch it on the door of your fridge while the Keurig K-Classic runs. You can let the kids watch PBS while you cook or check the time and weather when you walk by.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The other major feature that defines smart fridges is their wifi connectivity. They can connect to everything from Facebook to your smart home assistant of choice. This enables them to do most of the things we?re going to talk about in the rest of this list.

For the basics, however, having your fridge connected to the wifi can let you see your digital calendar at a glance or scroll through your Twitter feed in the morning. It lets you look up recipes, play music, and even interface with your phone. You can save a recipe on Pinterest in the evening and look it up the next afternoon from your Samsung RF265BEAESR.

Better Grocery Shopping

Having a smart fridge can make your shopping experience better and more efficient than ever. How often have you come home with two new bags of peas or a jar of spices only to realize you already have four of them in the cabinet? How many times have you unloaded your groceries only to realize you forgot the one thing you needed for tonight?s dinner?

A smart fridge can let you check what you have at home while you?re still in the store. It keeps an inventory of everything you have and can help you keep a shopping list for certain recipes. If it?s integrated with your smart home assistant, you can even add things to this shopping list as you run out of them when cooking.

Easier Cooking

Speaking of cooking, your smart refrigerator can make it easier than ever. Have you ever stared into your fridge looking for something to cook for dinner? Because your fridge knows what you have, it can search and recommend recipes based on what you have.

Your refrigerator also knows when you put new items on the inventory list and how long it takes for various things to expire. So if your milk has gone bad or that bag of grapes lurking in the back is no good anymore, it can let you know. No more digging some container of horribly transformed once-food out of the back of the fridge or playing roulette with the milk.

Better Health

Health experts agree that cooking at home is far better for your health than eating out. Because your fridge can recommend recipes and help you keep the food you need on hand, it encourages you to cook at home. This can improve heart health, promote weight loss, and ensure better nutrition.

Keeping a clean fridge is also important for avoiding food poisoning. Your smart refrigerator can help you avoid eating expired foods and will encourage you to get rid of them quicker. This gives dangerous microbes fewer opportunities to migrate to other food in your fridge.

Music and Videos

If you?re the kind of person who needs background music for your life, you?ll love having a smart fridge. Having a touch screen makes it easier to scroll through music, and the pairing with your smart home speakers can give you a professional-grade audio experience without the sound system price tag. You can jam out to your favorite cooking music with your fridge serving as your DJ and backup dancers all at once.

If Netflix is more your speed, you can turn on your favorite shows while you cook. Rewatch old favorites, binge on new episodes, and catch up on the latest soaps all on the full-sized screen of the LG LMXC23796S. This can also be a great way to keep your kids entertained while you?re cooking them breakfast in the mornings.

Door Locks and Alarms

If you have small children, you?re probably familiar with all the childproofing devices meant to keep them out of the fridge. You?re also probably familiar with the fact that the only thing they do is make it impossible for the adults to get into the fridge when they need to. But what if your fridge could open with a passcode only you know and let you know if it?s left open for a long period of time?

Smart refrigerators come equipped with these safety features to save you worry and money. You can keep toddlers from pulling the fridge open and leaving it that way and small kids from getting into the ice cream before dinner. You can even curtail your partner?s midnight snacking habits if you?re feeling really vindictive.

Five-Door Configurations

Most of us are familiar with the old two-door fridge model (one fridge, one freezer) and you?ve probably seen the newer three-door model (French fridge doors and a freezer drawer, as featured on the Samsung RF265BEASG). In recent years, four doors ? two French fridge doors and two freezer drawers such as you see on the Samsung RF28NHEDBSG ? have become popular. But some new refrigerators are rolling out a five-door model.

These five-door fridges feature the standard two French doors on the refrigerator. And they do have a designated freezer drawer. But they also have two multiple-temperature drawers that let you pick what you need. If you eat a lot of veggies, you can have a crisper drawer; if you?re more of a carnivore, you can have a deep freeze, and so on.

Better Efficiency

Refrigerators have a device called a compressor that helps to remove warm air and keep your food cold. In traditional refrigerators, the compressor turns on when it senses the temperature rising above a set level. But newer fridge models have started using a system of linear compressors that are much more efficient.

Linear compressors work at a low level all the time to maintain your fridge at the temperature you set. This means that, rather than doing all the work of firing up to 100 percent and then switching back off again, they make small shifts to keep things running at a setting that?s somewhat like cruise control for your fridge. Not only will this help your compressor last longer, extending the life of the fridge, it can also keep your food at a more constant temperature and help it keep longer.

Hidden Ice Makers

Many freezers have a large portion dedicated to an ice maker and a storage tray. While this is certainly a step up from old-school ice cube trays, it does still take up a lot of space in the freezer. How many Thanksgivings have you had to move all the frozen veggies into the ice tray to make room for the turkey?

Newer fridge designs hide the ice makers and storage in the door. You can get ice from a dispenser on the outside of the fridge, saving you from having to open the freezer door and waste energy when you want ice. And the in-door design saves your freezer space for what you really want: food.

Electronic Temperature Controls

Have you ever looked at your current refrigerator?s temperature controls and wondered what exactly they?re supposed to mean? What temperature is ?7? and is ?cold? cold enough to keep your beer at the right temperature? And why does this temperature scale run from 1 to 10 while your last fridge ran from 1 to 7?

Electronic temperature controls take all the confusion out of setting your fridge?s internal temperature. You can pick a specific temperature in actual degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius to keep your fridge and freezer at right from the touch screen on the front. You can keep everything at the temperature you need so your meat stays frozen, your alcohol stays cold, and your energy bills stay low.

Speed Chilling

Raise your hand if you?ve ever looked up life hacks for how to chill a bottle of wine in five minutes? Keep that hand raised if you?ve ever had a soda explode in the freezer because you left it in too long while you were trying to cool it off. New speed chilling features in refrigerators are ending the days of such trouble.

Speed chilling helps to get everything in your fridge to chilled temperatures in record times. Not only is this good for your beverage consumption experience, but it also helps keep your food good for longer. Adding hot or even room-temperature food to a fridge can raise its internal temperature, and these features keep things at a consistent, safe heat level.

Energy Savings

Aside from all the amazing features we?ve just discussed, smart fridges can save you money on your power bill. Because you don?t have to open them to see what?s inside, you won?t use as much energy. How much time have you spent standing with the fridge door open trying to find something reasonable to eat?

With a smart fridge, those days of energy waste are over. You can stare into the depths of your fridge looking for the right leftovers for dinner options without letting all the cold air out. Over time, this reduction in energy bills could help the fridge pay for itself.


You may have read this list saying, ?All this sounds great, but is there any way I?ll be able to afford a fridge like this?? Luckily, with manufacturing processes improving, smart refrigerators are becoming more affordable.

Like with anything, you can pay as much as you want to for a smart fridge, and the more you pay, the more features you get. In general, these appliances start at about $2,500, not that much more expensive than a nice traditional fridge. At the top of the line, a smart refrigerator tends to run about $6,000.

Make Your Home Smart

Having a smart refrigerator can revolutionize your entire kitchen experience. From saving you money on food and electric bills to taking your kitchen dance routine to a new level, a smart fridge will make your kitchen your favorite place to be. And with costs falling, there?s never been a better time to make your home smart.

If you?d like to learn more about home automation, check out the rest of our website at A Connected Home. We can help you with cameras and lighting, as well as the planning and setup of your new smart home. Learn more about the benefits of smart homes and start improving your home life today.

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