Entertainment Value: 15 Awesome Smart TV Apps You Need

Last year, over 37 percent of American households used a smart TV. That was a 17 percent increase from the previous year.

Each year, more and more viewers jump on the smart TV wagon. Thus, increasing the demand for amazing smart tv apps.

For some to give up their cable TV, they need to see the value of upgrading. You can get everything you enjoy about cable TV from a smart TV. And, much more.

Interested in learning about what you can do with a smart TV? Keep reading for 15 of the most popular smart TV apps.

1. Netflix

Even people with cable TV subscribe to Netflix on the side. It?s become the new Blockbuster of TV shows and movies. Except, you don?t have to rent each individual movie.

With a Netflix subscription and the smart TV app, you can watch as many TV shows and movies as you want. And, you don?t have to use an HTML cord or casting app to get it on your TV screen.

Here are some of the most popular Netflix programs you can?t see anywhere else:

  • Stranger Things
  • House of Cards
  • Fuller House
  • BoJack Horseman
  • Grace and Frankie

Besides Netflix Originals, you can watch many classics from the platform. Just lay back in your couch and let the Netflix smart TV app set up your entertainment.

2. Hulu

Right on the heels of Netflix is Hulu, a massive competitor in the space. There are plenty of shows you can get on Hulu but nowhere else.

What gives Hulu a slight edge over the competition? It has a cheaper monthly fee and turnaround time for live TV shows.

You can watch your favorite NBC, ABC, and The CW programs shortly after they?ve aired on TV.

Although some commercials get played on Hulu, the Hulu Plus upgrade shows fewer. That seems to be the kicker when choosing between Netflix and Hulu. Users love the cheaper fees but detest the mandatory commercial breaks.

Regardless of your choice, both are exceptional apps that provide hours of entertainment.

3. HBO Go

If you don?t watch Game of Thrones, you must be living under a rock. This HBO-exclusive show has broken rating records. And, changed the level of entertainment viewers expect.

Instead of searching for hours for a download file online, just get the HBO Go app on your smart TV. You never have to miss an episode of GOD. And, you can see it at the same time as everyone else.

Plus, the HBO Go app has tons of other ground-shaking programs. Some popular crowd-pleasers are True Blood, Girls, and Boardwalk Empire.

To get the HBO Go app, you need a subscription to HBO. You can also subscribe to HBO through the Hulu app. Two awesome platforms in one!

4. New360

Giving up cable doesn?t mean giving up watching the news. All you have to do is download the News360 smart TV app.

The easy to navigate display lets you browse through current news clips. See videos from sources like The Guardian, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more.

It also tailors your options to the type of news you?re interested in.

If you prefer to read and watch business news over arts, that?s what it?ll show you. Your preferences are always adjustable, of course.

On the large screen of your TV, you can watch or read the news from News360. And, and it?s 100 percent free.

5. Kitchen Stories

Cookbooks are a thing of the past; today?s at-home chefs use smart TV app recipes. Kitchen Stories is an app that shows you step-by-step instructions. It uses text and images to guide your cooking.

Anyone who keeps a smart TV in the kitchen knows how valuable this app is.

For cooking inspiration, watch one of their thousands of videos. Learn new techniques and how-to guides on different styles of cooking.

Let the videos play in the background while you cook or follow along. The base download is free and comes with tons of videos and recipes.

For special cooking packages, like Michelin Star Recipes, you have to pay a fee. But, it?s not a monthly recurring fee. You only pay for what you want to consume.

6. Tellybean

Anyone with family in another country has likely used video calling before. And, they know how annoying it can be to crowd around a small tablet screen.

With the Tellybean smart TV app, everyone in the room can see your family member on the screen. There?s no fighting for screen time or missing out on seeing your loved one.

This is a relatively new app on the market, taking Skype?s empty seat after Microsoft pulled it from smart TVs.

Tellybean works on all Samsung smart TVs and set-top boxes. And, LG smart TVs that are newer than 2016.

7. AccuWeather

Have you always relied on the weather channel to tell you what to wear? You no longer have to flip the channel to see the weather or open your phone?s app.

The AccuWeather smart TV app displays day-of, five-day, and 12-day forecasts at a moments notice. If you live in a major city, the free version can serve you well.

Those that live in rural communities and certain zip codes need the paid version. Luckily, it?s less than $3 per month!

The extra space your smart TV screen gives allows better visuals for charts and graphs. The animated radar maps have more detail and the forecast symbols are easier to see.  

8. Daily Workouts

Working out from home has never been so easy. You?ve likely tried different phone apps that guide you through workouts. But, with a screen so small, it?s hard to see what you?re supposed to be doing.

Enter the Daily Workouts smart TV app.

Simply open the app on your TV and select a workout. The video instructor shows up on the large screen of your TV and gets started.

Choose between quick 5-minute videos or full 30-minute classes. With the paid version of the app, you get more workout choices and even longer options.

Not only is it easy to follow, but you can have others workout with you. Your living room can become the neighborhood gym thanks to the Daily Workouts app and smart TVs.

9. Spotify

At the top of the music-streaming podium is Spotify, the world?s number one listening platform. You can get Spotify on your smart TV as an app.

Choose your favorite music playlists from the app and explore new artists from your TV.

The Spotify app is perfect for using during house parties and get-togethers. Anyone with a free account can log in and access their playlists. Plus, the sleek design isn?t an eyesore to have on your TV display.  

Spotify also has radio shows and podcasts. Put one on as you clean the house or make dinner. Or, select a calming playlist while everyone gets ready in the morning.

10. NBC Sports

Sports fans won?t settle for giving up cable unless there?s a way to watch the game. Luckily, there are plenty of sports-viewing apps for smart TVs.

The NBC Sports app is one of the best. It?s also one of the first to live-stream the Superbowl at the same time as its televised network.

Through the app, you can watch live sporting events from NBC?s family. That includes NBC Sports Gold, Olympic Channel, Golf Channel, and more.

The only flaw is that your geographical location may limit which sports you can stream. NBC?s entire roster of live sporting events isn?t accessible to everyone.

11. PlayStation Now

Gamers, rejoice! PlayStation Now is available on smart TVs as an app. You no longer need to connect your console or PC to the screen.

PlayStation Now has over 750 on-demand games from PS2, PS3, and PS4.

New games get added every month including recent releases and cult favorites. Many are PlayStation exclusives you can?t play anywhere else.

Here are some of the most popular PlayStation Now games:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • NBA2k18
  • Uncharted 3
  • Until Dawn

There are even lots of family-friendly games. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon with the kids playing Sonic the Hedgehog or Lego Star Wars.

12. YouTube

Do you want to learn how to declutter your closet? Complete a Rubik’s cube in under a minute? Learn about the theory of everything?

Meet YouTube, the educator, and entertainer of the internet. It?s also available as an app on your smart TV.

YouTube has millions of videos on all types of topics. Find your favorite creators and watch their weekly content. Or, watch something new each day.

For scripted series, check out YouTube Red for original programs from top creators. You can also see live content and short bite-sized stories.

Some viewers might even be inspired to create their own channel. Upload your videos to your channel and watch them via the smart TV app.  

13. YouTube Kids

Even your kids get an app for the smart TV. YouTube Kids is a video on demand platform that only has kid-friendly content.

Let your kiddos watch their favorite shows like Peppa Pig, Teletubbies, and Pingu.

Parents appreciate the control settings where they can limit what their children see. Some kids? shows are still too mature for toddlers. Create limitations on what your little ones see on the app.

One of the main sections on the app is focused on learning. Kids can watch videos that teach them reading skills, healthy living activities, and music. Sing-along videos are a big hit with kids who love to belt it out.  

Among older children, videos that review new toys have become all the rage. Kids can watch new toys get unboxed and played with. Some videos just show people playing with toys and creating storylines.

14. Redkareoke

You no longer need to break out the bulky karaoke machine to have some fun. Redkareoke is a smart TV app that connects to all your devices.

The app comes with a massive library of songs to choose from. It includes Top 40 bangers and all the classics. You won?t have a problem finding your favorite tune.

You can even record your singing from the mobile app. Edit and adjust your vocals post-recording. It?s your own mini record producer.

For your next family gathering or house party, turn on the Redkareoke app. It allows you to create a queue of songs to play next, so everyone gets a turn.

The first week of Redkareoke is free, but then it switches to a weekly subscription. The VIP membership is a better deal than the free trial and subsequent weekly fee option.

15. Plex

What about all those movies and TV shows you downloaded to your computer? Some of them might not be available on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO.

With the smart TV app, Plex, you can watch all your personal videos on the smart TV. Your living room becomes your own home theater

Even your personally-recorded videos can get watched from the big screen with Plex. Watch your home videos with the whole family through one simple app.

Exciting new innovations are coming to the Plex platform. The live video on demand feature is currently in beta testing. With it, you?ll be able to stream web shows and recently aired TV shows.

Besides video, you can also display your personal photos and music on the app. Show your family members your recent vacation pictures or blast music for your party.

Interested in Learning About More Smart TV Apps?

The need for cable television is becoming obsolete with each year of innovations. New technology allows you to get all the benefits of TV through apps. All you have to do is own a smart TV.

What do you normally watch on TV? There are smart TV apps that play news, sports, movies, and shows.

You can even play games and listen to music through these apps. Streamline your electronics by using apps.

What?s in store for smart TV innovations? Learn how new smart TVs are getting smarter than their previous models.

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