Can A Smart Plug Turn On A TV?

We have received many questions about using smart plugs to control TV’s. While you can plug TV’s into smart plugs and set schedules to power them off and control access, there are a few caveats to consider.

Can A Smart Plug Turn On A TV?

No, unfortunately when you shut off a TV they typically go into standby mode. Using a smart plug with your TV completely shuts off the power to the TV and takes it out of standby mode. This requires the TV to be manually powered back on, which can’t be accomplished with a smart plug.

Even though you can’t turn on your TV via smart plug, it doesn’t mean that that they are totally useless when it comes to controlling your TV. Smart plugs are still helpful when paired with TV’s as they allow you to control access via schedules. For example, you can have the power off on your TV during certain times of the day so that your children aren’t staring at the screen all day. When it comes time for them to turn it on, they can still do so via the remote that they are so accustomed to.

Best Smart Plugs For Controlling Your TV

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