Best Smart Home Security System Without Monthly Fee

Investing in the right home protection facilities is a priority for modern homeowners. But the marketplace can feel like a minefield. We’ve spent weeks testing various solutions. We tried to unearth the best smart home security systems for the modern home. Securing the peace of mind your family deserves starts right here.

A Homeowner’s Guide To The Best Smart Home Security System Without Monthly Fee

Before looking at the best smart home security systems without monthly fees on the market, you must gain a clearer insight. You must first look into the systems. whys, whats, and whens. Only then you will have the necessary details. This will help to make a calculated decision on your home protection purchase.

Why You Need Home Security

Vindicating your purchase is essential ahead of any significant investment for the property. The home security shouldn’t be any different.

Take a quick look at the statistics relating to home protection. It paints a pretty clear picture of why home security is a key addition to a modern property.  The most pertinent details include:

  • Over 3,500 burglaries occur on U.S soil every single day, equating to a burglary every 23 seconds!

  • Roughly two-thirds of all burglaries take place in residential properties. While the average theft costs the homeowner $2,416.

  • Homes without security systems are 3x as likely to suffer a break-in.

These statistics highlight the break-ins among the biggest threats of all modern homeowners. Adding smart home security systems is the best way to reduce threats and deter burglars. It will unlock the door to a whole host of benefits.

When you invest in the right home security features, you will reap the following rewards:

Actively deter burglars as they’ll notice the home protection systems.

Gain recorded evidence for prosecuting intruders should they still try to enter.

Potentially reduce your home insurance premiums.

Create a platform for quick responses should anybody ever attempt a break-in.

Gain peace of mind by knowing that the threats have been successfully reduced.

However, those rewards are only achieved when you choose an effective system.

What To Look For In Smart Home Security Systems

Blessed is the marketplace with many options, but only the best is good enough for your property. Even the latest technologies are more accessible and affordable than ever before. There’s no excuse for ignoring them any longer.

As a consumer, knowing which products to look is essential. Research a bit before entering the purchasing procedures. A high-quality smart home security system should include the following items:

  • Sirens

  • Motion detectors

  • Sirens

  • Door locks

It’s one thing to choose a package that offers the right facilities. But, it’s equally crucial to analyze the features. A top security system should boast all the following:

  • Smartphone compatibility for remote access and control. It’s very likely that your smartphone will be the primary point of access.

  • Third-party compatibility to access the software and facilities through devices by other brands.

  • Reliable WiFi signals that cover a long distance. This ensures that all the aforementioned products unite to produce comprehensive coverage throughout.

  • Battery reserves that will kick in during power cuts. These power outages are a prime moment for burglars to attempt a break-in.

  • Visible sirens that deter burglars. They always want to avoid getting caught or prosecuted for their actions.

Of course, there are additional features to look for in each item. For example, an alarm with timers or different modes can be useful. Likewise, surveillance cameras with high resolution and night vision capabilities are more powerful.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Home Security

We appreciate your concerns as a homeowner. You need to cover all the bases, and only the best products suffice.

We have designed our simple five-point plan. It is to help embrace the full capabilities of the best home security facilities. Do the following things and you won’t go far wrong:

  • Focus on the installation. Even the best systems are futile when they are incorrectly connected.

  • Create a comprehensive network blessed with all necessary features.

  • Use other security features including home locks, insurance, and more.

  • Learn how to use specific models through the manual and online video tutorials.

  • Test the facilities for confirmation of smooth and reliable service.

Home protection provides emotional reassurance as well as serve as a deterrent. Therefore, you must choose a reputable brand that specialized in this type of product. Without confidence in the facilities, you cannot see the full benefits. Besides, the best names in the industry have gained their plaudits for good reason.

You may also want to consider 24/7 monitoring from professional security staff. It is an increasingly common add-on service. Finally, any smart home security should provide years of support and service. Overlook the need for longevity and sustainability at your peril.

The Best Smart Home Security Systems

We reviewed a ton of products to provide a clear and concise shortlist of home security products. These are up to the task. The five solutions below are all fantastic options. We are included a quick grid summary of our five recommended security systems, followed by a more in depth review of each.

Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System With Siren
Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System With Motion Detection, HD Video
Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit – Home Security System With Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring
SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System
Deluxe Kit Wireless DIY Home Security System By Fortress Security Store

Pros/Cons Detailed:

Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

My rating –

Arlo Pro is one of the most reputable names in the business. It is available as a single camera or multi-camera setup. We tested their full range, only to discover that this package is the gem in their crown. 

The voice control capabilities are convenient. It’s something I’d have loved to use for my spouse’s request. She used to request I double-check the security systems before leaving the home. Meanwhile, the night vision and WiFi offer exceptional opportunities to monitor everything.

Two-way audio is another great feature. It sets this modern unit apart from many of the older facilities on the market. Audio recording can be particularly useful when pressing charges. The ability to respond makes burglars think you’re in. Let’s face it; most cowards flee when this happens.

In today’s market, the inclusion of HD streaming and recording is essential. But, the 130-degree wide lens allows you to gain great coverage. I know from experiences that there’s no greater frustration than the camera failing to pick up. It happens due to a subject moving out of frame.

The first time you hear the 100db siren may make you jump. It won’t go unnoticed by neighbors or intruders, which is vital. Batteries last a long time, while the equipment included makes for easy installation. It, therefore, makes a suitable choice if you’re not technologically gifted.

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video

My rating –

Smart home security systems should keep you in the know at all times. The Blink Indoor home security cameras equip themselves with a motion detector. It sends a notification to your smartphone. This enables you to view the situation in real-time. If required, it should also take the appropriate action.

The easy installation attributes for both iOS and Android are highly popular. In truth, I’d say that the inclusion of cloud storage for a record is the far more productive attribute. Whether it’s a one-camera setup or a five-camera solution, the added reassurance is vital.

Blink Indoor’s cameras integrate with other smart tech features such as Amazon Alexa. This is ideal for tech-heavy homeowners. It’s also a very affordable setup, particularly as it involves no monthly contracts.

While designed for home security, I’ve known several pet owners to use the cameras. These people use these cameras for monitoring pets and interacting with them. The multi-camera setup and live view mode features enable this. It occurs in style, especially when supported by the two-way audio. Temperature monitoring is another feature that pet lovers can embrace.

The Blink Indoor units only entered the market in 2016. So, unlike several brands that add a new feature to outdated tech with each installment, the Blink Indoor system has only been around for a short time. It has the latest and greatest tech included.

Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit – Home Security System with optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring

My rating –

Smart home security that notifies you of potential danger is one thing. However, I know that I find myself in several situations where I’m unavailable each week. The Ring Alarm 5-piece kit helps overcome this. It is possible with an optional 24/7 professional monitoring service. It guarantees the home is safe at all times.

The five-piece kit includes a base station, contact sensor, motion detector, keypad, and range extender. You can add up to 100 devices to the smart network. The versatile approach opens the door to adding extra home security as well as items like smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. This is smart living.

Many new users are instantly turned off by the lack of cameras, but the addition is possible. Moreover, integration with Alexa and Echo devices further increase the comprehensive approach. However, safety is more important than the facilities used to achieve it. Cameras aren’t essential.

The Ring Alarm base station and sensors are ultra-responsive. They will identify motion outside the house as well as when you open the doors or windows. For many, the ability to disable the system is pivotal. It would’ve certainly come in handy for me when coming back from nights out clubbing in my younger years.

The Ring Alarm five-piece kit is a comprehensive and crucial solution for most family homes. The different configurations of the system can follow you into future properties too.

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

My rating –

The SimpliSafe system used in over 2 million homes has picked up many accolades. The lazy conclusion would be that they can’t all be wrong – in truth, that easy assumption is a fairly accurate one too.

It is available in packages from five pieces to 12 pieces. The eight-piece solution is the best for the average-sized property. The sensors cover every door and window, while WiFi service notifies your smartphone. It will also alert the local police – if using the additional professional 24/7 service.

The HD security camera streams and records intruders. Whereas the keypad, entry sensors, and motion detectors work even during a power cut. This is all thanks to the battery reserves. The installation and software management items are also particularly easy to use. If my elderly relatives can get to grips with it, yours probably can as well.

SimpliSafe is a long-standing and trusted brand for all homeowners. Moreover, their customer care is of a particularly high standard. This is a feature I’ve missed out on when choosing inferior products in the past.

Burglars also know a SimpliSafe home when they see one. This can become one of the greatest security features at your disposal. For peace of mind, as well as a reliable system that offers a 24/7 service, the SimpliSafe solution is one of the most common options by far.

Deluxe Kit Wireless DIY Home Security System by Fortress Security Store

My rating –

Fortress Security Store offers a well-presented package. It has motion detectors, contact sensors, sirens, panic buttons and more. Through automatic notifications, 360-degree views, and an easy-to-use App, it promises to deliver a lot. It’s certainly an upgrade on some o the older units out there.

The high-quality products are suitable for internal and external usage. Moreover, the network can adopt new additions over time. This is something I’d have loved from my security facilities when upsizing to a bigger property.

A choice of “away mode” and “home mode” allows users to find a suitable level of coverage at all times. The single dashboard allows or controls these features with real-time results. The main keypad offers the same level of power and control.

Power outages won’t harm the battery-powered system. It offers protection in the days and evenings with equal levels of accuracy and control. The customization options are among the very best on the market. And the ability to work across many families to work together on security.

Home security through the S03 Fortress Security Store deluxe kit is excellent. It is a modern package built with one eye on tomorrow as well as one on today. Reliability, coverage, and personalization won’t let you down.


All five of the above smart home security setups provide the desired level of coverage for the home. Trustworthy and reliable manufacturers produced these five smart home security systems. However, the SimpliSafe eight-piece home security system stands out above the rest.

The motion detection sensors, cameras, and 24/7 professional monitoring and police contact keep you protected at all times. For the modern homeowner, this is one of the most critical features of all.

SimpliSafe by name. Simply safe by nature. It truly is that simple.

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