Best Hidden WiFi Spy Cameras

The walls have eyes and ears is a saying that’s supposed to make us exercise caution. But, what if it was more than an old wives’ tale? With the best-hidden WiFi spy cameras on the market, there’s no need to rely on your own peepers 24/7. Whether you want to see what’s going on behind the scenes at work or home, these 5 hidden WiFi spy cameras will act as a perfect partner for covert, motion activated surveillance to enhance your security.

The Best Way To Use A Hidden Spy Cam

To most of us, hidden spy cameras feel as if they belong in an Ian Fleming novel and not in our living rooms. The reality is a little different because we all have valuables and people we want to protect. But, we can’t afford powerful, Fort Knox-like security measures. Thanks to the best hidden WiFi spy camera products, we can all channel our hidden covert operative. Securing our connected home, workplace, or the people we love with a motion detecting device that operates in secret gives us improved safety and peace of mind.

Here are some of the ways you might want to use a hidden spy camera your smart home for added security.

Monitoring Nannies & Babysitters

As parents, we have a tough decision to make – stay at home or go back to work. Considering we can’t speak to kids for the rest of our lives, over 66% of us choose to return to the office. Earning money and talking to adults is great, but it’s hard to forget the kids at home with a relative stranger. Therefore, it is becoming more common to add some simple surveillance to our home automation systems.

A hidden spy cam lets us keep tabs on our nanny without them knowing Big Brother is in the room watching. After analyzing the camera footage, we are more comfortable at work. We know that there is someone trustworthy acting as a guardian. On the flip side, it’s as easy to fire them and get them out of the house if you find out that something unsettling is happening behind the closed doors of your home when you aren’t there.

Watching Over Elderly Parents

A significant 79 million adults in the US live in a shared household, meaning they aren’t attached. In its simplest form, this shows that more elderly parents are moving in with their kids. Like your children, you can’t watch them 24 hours a day and have to trust a caregiver to help maintain their health.

Hidden spy cams are a powerful tool for making sure they are acting professionally and aren’t taking advantage of you or your loved ones when you aren’t around. The HD video from the best cameras as well as the built in microphones relay the audio so you can listen in on their conversations and see what is happening. This ensures they aren’t manipulating your vulnerable parents.

Protecting Work Assets

It is a sad fact that nearly 95% of businesses in the United States report employee theft at some point in their life. As an entrepreneur, you may have to share a slice of the $50bn pie that blows a hole in companies’ annual budgets. Ouch!

The good news is there is a reprieve for businesses that are willing to install small and powerful, hidden spy cameras for covert surveillance and detection. Catching them in the act is all the evidence you need. You either warn them or send them packing, depending on your management style. And, because they’re hidden, these devices don’t harm employee morale.

What Are The Best Ways To Pick One?

It depends on your tailor-made specifications, but there are a few general rules we can all apply when choosing suitable hidden spy cameras. Check them out below.

Personal Usage

What do you want to use it for? Are you a renter or a homeowner? The answer should enlighten you on what features are the most appropriate. Entrepreneurs usually have offices that are bigger than standard houses. They have to cover a wide surface area. If any of you are Bill Gates-in-waiting, a 150? is better than a 90? wide-angle lens. Thus a camera that continuously records and has longer battery life.

An excellent tip is to write down what you want from a hidden WiFi spy camera. Then match it to the camera’s specifications to find the best match for your needs.

WiFi Capabilities

Not every WiFi router is equal. Sadly, some of us know this better than others! When you can’t rely on your wireless internet, it could negate the point of installing a spycam, in the first place. Not only do you not get peace of mind, but you waste money too, so it’s a double whammy.

A quick plug and play feature should make sure you don’t make the wrong purchase. The way it works is simple – a powerful smart camera only has to rely on a micro SD card to record. So, should the router go offline, you can still keep an eye on things via hidden cameras and keep your loved ones safe.


A hidden spy cam doesn’t have to be a pen that doubles up as a listening device (although they are cool). It needs to fit in with the rest of the house and blend in seamlessly in order to avoid detection by the people being monitored. A device in the shape of a webcam will stand out like a sore thumb if you don’t have a desktop computer. So, we find that the key is to think about your accessories and decor and find something that matches. If, for example, you have many portable devices, a USB charger will undoubtedly fit into your home and not look out of the ordinary.

An alarm clock is always a smart choice because we all need an early wake-up call and most nannys and caregivers wont be suspicious that they are being watched.


Okay, so you don’t need think you need one in your home. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy a spy camera for someone else in your life who needs one. When a friend or family member tells that they don’t trust a person, gift a hidden cam on Christmas or birthday.

Even if it’s not completely practical, the novelty factor should make it a fun gift they’ll love that will provide them benefits in the future.

Best Hidden WiFi Spy Cameras Review

Divine Eagle Dual USB Charger

My rating –

A dual 2 in 1 device doesn’t often make it on the list of the best-hidden WiFi spy cameras in our view. Why? It’s because clarity tends to be lacking when a camera has to multitask. There’s no need to worry about this Divine Eagle device as it has a very clear 1080p HD resolution. Plus, it doesn’t make a sound as it records.

The motion detectors work instantly for up to 3 minutes. This means you’ll catch the action and can respond whichever you see fit. This camera only needs an SD card, so people with bad WiFi connections should find it more practical.

Pros and Cons:

Plug into an outlet and record remotely without an internet connection90? wide-angle lens limits your view
It uses loop recording technology. This means the device overwrites the oldest files if it’s full so that you never miss any actionIt doesn’t work if it isn’t plugged into an electrical socket. Your outlets might not be close enough to record effectively
Can use it as a charger for your portable devices as well as a spy cameraFootage can have gaps as it stops recording after 3 minutes. Starts recording again once it picks up the movement but it might miss things
Put the SD card into another device to view the footage without any hassle

ZZCP Hidden WiFi Camera

My rating –

Due to its size, the ZZCP is more than a dual-action camera. It does the usual stuff, such as recording the home or office, but it also doubles up as a body cam. Anyone who wants to film on the go should consider this as the 1.6 inches cube design camera easily fits on clothes.

The wireless Bluetooth function is a stand out feature. The speakers use Bluetooth to connect a device up to 32 feet away, you can earwig on most conversations. Or, you can use it in your car as a hands-free device for answering calls.

If you need a multifunctional hidden spy security camera that you can use in everyday life, this is an excellent choice.

Pros and Cons:

150? wide-angle lensNeeds charging for 3 hours before using
Includes mirror that covers the camera from sightOnly works with 2.4Ghz WiFi
8 pcs infrared night-vision lights for recording in the darkIsn’t waterproof – outdoor recording might be difficult
Users can watch live feed without an SD card
Can use it as a speaker for social events
Has a 360? magnetic bracket for a broader scope
Lets 5 users stream the footage live

RZATU Mini Hidden Camera

My rating –

The RZATU Mini Hidden WiFi Cameras are popular because there are no limits on security recordings. As a network cam, you can view or record footage at any distance once you’ve configured it correctly. So, the 5 hours of battery life remains unadulterated and uninterrupted. A savvy trick is to record and charge this camera at the same time to get more out of the battery.

Check out this RZATU tutorial on YouTube for more info.

An RZATU Mini Hidden Camera is best for people who need a hidden spy cam they can rely on to record. This device has a 32G micro SD card slot so that you can boost the camera’s memory. This is fantastic for anyone who needs endless security footage and backups.

Pros and Cons:

Network cameraEasy to break
Easy to configure. Comes with a YouTube tutorialNot waterproof
30 frames per second frame rate with ASF video formatNo night-vision
Download the “HDMINICAM” app to watch real-time video on your smartphone or mobile
Supports circular storage
Operates on Apple, Android, IE7 and above, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Hosuku Clock Surveillance Camera

My rating –

The best-hidden WiFi spy cameras are hard to spot. This Hosuku model is up there as it uses an everyday accessory as its foil. We all have alarm clocks in our home. So, this shouldn’t stand out as unusual while the 1080p resolution records everything.

Another useful feature is the alarm notifications. Once your alarm clock spots movement, it snaps a picture and saves it in the app, notifying you via your phone. And, it can do it in the dark as it comes with infrared.

If subtlety and security are your two main concerns, try this hidden spy camera as it emphasizes both.

Pros and Cons:

4x digital zooming HD displays with H.264 compressionDifficult to format. Customers might have to call customer services for help and advice
Supports video, alarm and timing recordings on micro SD cardBattery life only 1 hour when recording. Needs plugging in to work all the time
Push notifications sent straight to your phone or mobile device
Looping recordings so that it records 24 hours a day
Remote controllable with either WiFi or 4G
The clock works without a WiFi connection

FUVISION Photo Frame Nanny Cam

My rating –

As the name suggests, this hidden spy cam comes in a photo frame. What it doesn’t tell you is that it’s 7 inches and includes a 2.4Ghz, WiFi-enabled camera.

It’s designed to stand alone anywhere in your home in any condition. Besides, it comes with great accessories to make sure it’s effective. As well as 30ft night-vision, it has a 15? downward facing angle that covers a 65? area with its camera. Every recording is time and date-stamped so that you can keep tabs on your storage footage.

This device is perfect for everybody from art connoisseurs to regular homeowners. The frame is sleek and the camera hard to spot, making it a great buy for hidden security footage.

Pros and Cons:

Battery works on standby for up to 365 daysThe app is only downloadable on Android and Apple devices
Color camera and DVRDoesn’t support third-party apps – only YIEYE
No glow night-visionThe charger isn’t included
Live streaming
No fees to view or record footage
Encrypted and password protected
Live feed mode supports multiple users


The RZATU mini hidden cam is our pick off this list of the best-hidden WiFi spy cameras. Why? The fact it doesn’t have a recording distance limit is hard to ignore. Whether you’re keeping tabs on your home, your office or people, you can rely on it whenever or wherever you are. The five hours of battery life is superior to the other options, too. It only has a 90? angle lens compared to the ZZCP and Hosuku models. The fact that it’s mobile means it is multifunctional and makes up for it’s other features.

There’s a reason this product is hard to get your hands on – it’s a functional, quality hidden surveillance unit for your smart home.

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