Best Battery Powered WiFi Cameras

Your home is your castle and should always make you feel safe and comfortable. If there is one thing homeowners can agree on, it’s comfort! The best battery powered WiFi cameras are here to help. They tackle everything from security to surveillance to in-house communication.
Do you want to find out more about how they can transform your home and which models to buy? Great, because we’re about to lay it out for you in our thorough yet easy-to-read guide.

What Are The Benefits Of Battery Powered WiFi Cameras?

Where should we begin?! Of course, homeowners can never look past security, and you are no different. WiFi cameras are the perfect foil. They record everything as long as there is an internet connection. Also, the best battery powered WiFi cameras are small and hard to spot. This means you finally get to test out your James Bond-like spying skills.
Don’t worry if your inner gadget master isn’t very hands-on because they are simple to install. All a WiFi camera needs is an internet connection. And, I think we’re all technologically literate enough to manage that on our own. Once it’s up and running, the size of a battery-powered camera makes it portable and easy to move, too.
An essential feature of these types of cameras is the price. With bills to pay and lesser income, we can’t justify buying a piece of hardware and all its accessories. Most of us already have everything we need. apart from the camera itself – a smartphone and a WiFi router.

Things To Look For In Battery Powered WiFi Cameras

You know what you want from a camera in a general sense, but what are the specifics you should look for? Check out these factors.

High Definition

A camera without a microscopic-like definition isn’t useful. There’s no point installing one that’s blurry and pixelated. You need to examine the definition of the camera. 720p is the standard for HD and should be your base level. Yet, it’s possible to get cameras with as many as 1080p or full HD, as well as 2K and 4K resolutions.
To decide, there is an age-old trick you can use – a test run. Check the specifications for the resolution you want and then ask to see it in real-time. This way you can figure out whether the picture is suitable.

Lens Angle

Your camera should have the widest scope possible to give you a broad view of the inside or outside of your home. As a rule, the greater the lens angle, the more you will be able to see. This is why the majority of products don’t dip below 115 degrees. Some of them go as high as 130 degrees.
We suggest considering whether the camera can swivel, though. If you fix, it will only give you one angle, whereas a flexible device can record different areas at the push of a button.

Two-Way Talk Capabilities

To soothe a little one and to answer the door to a stranger, it’s essential to listen and speak through your camera. As long as there is a built-in microphone and a speaker, you can do this with ease.

Direct Messaging

It’s 2019 and you shouldn’t have to sit by your plugged-in system and watch for signs of movement. The best battery powered WiFi cameras can notice the untoward. It then sends a direct message to your phone or smart device. PIR motion sensors are how they detect movement, and they deliver the messages via the app. So make sure it’s a complementary feature.
A savvy tip is to check whether the app is available in both Google Play and the App Store. That way, you know your camera syncs with both Android and Apple devices.

How To Use WiFi Cameras

The best battery powered WiFi cameras are adaptable and have a few tricks up their sleeve. You already know about security, so we won’t go into too much. Keep in mind that if you place one outside, it should cover the most vulnerable spots. Also, make sure it’s weatherproof so that it doesn’t cut out as soon as it rains.
Here are two other uses for a WiFi camera:

Baby Monitoring

Put it in your child’s room and you will be able to hear any noise they make and check in on them without getting out of bed. With a speaker, you can speak to them via your phone and soothe them back to sleep.

Dog Monitoring

You are a parent, but your little one is a dog and not a human being. That’s no problem because a WiFi camera gives you an option to keep an eye on your pooch. Make sure the camera has a clear view of their cage or kennel and drop in on them from time to time while you’re at work. If you like to give your canine the freedom of one room, it makes more sense to buy a device with a swivel. With that, you can follow them around. Let’s face it; they like getting up to mischief!

Are There Drawbacks?

The short answer is yes. For example, some cameras only work with a 2.4 GHz router. If yours is 5 GHz, it won’t be compatible and you will have to change your WiFi specs. Another potential drawback is 24/7 recording capabilities. Never assume that a camera records everything. Specific models only switch on when the sensors detect movement.
The biggest concern is cloud security as hackers target weak points to access your data. Only robust encryption can prevent this from happening, such as HTTPS. Check for software without a backdoor, too.

Battery Powered WiFi Camera Reviews

Canary Flex Indoor Outdoor Security Camera

My rating –

One thing’s for sure – the name is reassuring. But, the Canary Flex is more than a name because it does exactly what it says on the packaging. Lots of cameras claim to be perfect for the porch, pool, or nursery, yet fail miserably. The Canary Flex is not only waterproof, but it also comes with an emergency services feature in the app. So, regardless of the problem, you are only one click away from help.
Overall, it’s a light (8.5 ounces) yet powerful WiFi camera. It comes with goodies included, such as free cloud storage and Alexa capabilities.

Pros and Cons:

1080p resolution with night vision capabilitiesDoesn’t work with Windows phones
Free 24-hours of cloud storage – no subscription neededIt doesn’t include an internal battery. If an intruder were to disconnect your Canary camera, you would only be able to see what happened. leading up to the disconnection
Built-in rechargeable batteryPoor battery life. Lasts for three to four days and when fully charged
360 degrees swivel base for tailor-made positioning (116 degrees angle lens)
Compatible with Alex so you can stream video to Echo Show or Echo Spot
No backdoor for hackers – encrypt all your communications for extra security
Adjustable sensitivity lets you weed out unnecessary alerts

Zumimall ZM-WFA3 Security Camera

My rating –

What stands out most about the ZM-WFA3 is its 6,000Mah rechargeable battery. Once fully charged, you will be able to use this device for three to six months before it runs out of power. Unlike the Canary Flex, this means you can trust it. It will protect your home for extended periods when you’re in the country or on vacation.
Thanks to the 128 G storage slot, there’s no need to fret about recording space either. And, if you do run low, you can manage your data via the mobile app. A micro SD card isn’t included, so you will need to buy one separately.

Pros and Cons:

Long-lasting battery lifeFee for storage use, ranging from $2.99 per month for three days to $160 for the year
Has a Magnetic bracket that easily attaches to metal surfacesUsers report problems with adhesive for outside use. You should screw the camera into the wall to prevent it from falling and breaking
A solar panel is available for sale to help reduce energy usage and cut costsAlthough it works in high and low temperatures, it may break too. So the manufacturer doesn’t recommend leaving it in direct rain or sunlight. Not suitable for homes with no outdoor protection
Waterproof – withstands temperatures ranging from -4 to 122 degrees FahrenheitOnly supports 2.4 GHz WiFi router
Can add multiple cameras and use the app to view them simultaneously

HeimVision HDM2

My rating –

The HeimVision HDM2 has lots of the same features as the two models above. The battery life is good, but not as long-lasting as the ZM-WFA3. It also comes with a solar panel if you want to charge it throughout the daylight hours. Like the Canary Flex, it has encryption (HTTPS) that secures your cloud usage for extra peace of mind. The resolution is 720p, which is HD yet not as defined as the Canary model.
So, what makes it stand out from the competition? According to customers, it does all the basics well enough to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. However, the one-year manufacturer guarantee is a big plus.


  • Twelve-month warranty with a three-month free return policy
  • Auto switch mode changes from daytime recording to night vision without having to do it
  • One hundred and thirty degrees angle makes it flexible. Use it for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for monitoring people and pets remotely
  • 128 G micro SD card capacity


  • Only available for Apple and Android devices
  • Only works with HeimLife software – no third-party software supported
  • No free cloud storage option
  • Relatively heavy at 1.15 pounds

Hiseeu C10

My rating –

Most of the cameras on this list start recording when they sense movement. But the Hiseeu C10 does it quicker than the rest at one-thousandth of a second. Considering the camera’s reach is ten meters, you get an almost instant recording. Its range is over thirty feet. Plus, the resolution is full HD at 1080 p, so you get clear and sharp images too.
Another excellent feature is the 32G SD card that can hold encrypted footage for up to nine months. And, the battery life lasts for four months when fully charged and solar-powered. With a one year warranty and discounts with promo codes, the C1 is one of the strongest WiFi cameras on the list.

Pros and Cons:

Built-in 32G SD card. Scalable to 128G, although the 32G card is the only one includedContent only downloads to the SD card. To put it on the cloud, you have to do it manually
Records even after the camera disconnects from WiFiAlthough you can connect up to ten cameras to the app, you can only view one at a time
It comes with two 3,000 mAh batteries. Users can charge one while the other powers the camera is always workingBattery life is only useful if it isn’t continually switching on and off. If there are lots of people in the house, it may only last less than one month
Extremely portable at 7.8 ounces
No monthly fee

Homeiot Battery Powered WiFi Camera

My rating –

Homeiot’s battery-powered camera mainly uses a motion detector. To watch over your home, it does have a real-time feature built-in. Once you open the app, you can view everything if you’re curious or have a reason to check-in at your house. However, the playback mode is only available through the SD card. Without one, you won’t be able to record or analyze the footage.
Unfortunately, it has too many small issues. This makes this camera more of a hassle to buy and operate than the other four.

Pros and Cons:

Fully charged in three to five hours and lasts for two weeks once chargedThe charger isn’t included
Shareable with family and friends. Just get them to download the app create an account and they can check at your home for youThe camera doesn’t move around – you only get a fixed view
WEP, WPA, and WPA2 wireless securityInfrared light is bright and may keep children awake at night
Only weighs five ounces – it’s the lightest and most portable camera on the listNeed to buy a micro SD card if you want to record footage

Users report there is no way to adjust camera sensitivity on the app. Might get frequent alerts that are annoying


And the winner is? the Hiseeu C10!
A camera should have a fantastic resolution, and this has one of the best at 1080p. Whereas the HeimVision, for example, is only 720p. As a result, it’s the best battery powered WiFi camera on the list for keeping your home secure. Also, keep a watch over children or pets. And, don’t forget that it springs into action in one-thousandth of a second.
But, what sets it apart is the accessories. As well as two separate 3000 mAh batteries, it has a built-in 32 G SD card and can continue recording without WiFi. Not only does this make it powerful, but it lowers the cost compared to the Homeiot. This makes you buy its gadgets separately.
Like the Canary Flex, it has an excellent encryption strength. Yet, the C10 comes out on top thanks to its nine-month encrypted storage records. The Hiseeu C10 is an all-round camera that we feel goes the extra mile.

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