9 New Smart Home Bathroom Essentials

Smart homes are no longer a futuristic fairy tale.

The technology is here already, right now, revolutionizing the lives of households around the world. Coming years will see the use of smart technology explode in popularity.

For example, the global smart home market was set to increase by 27% this year alone.

The interconnectedness of household items via the internet promises a revolution in daily lives. Simply, the so-called internet of things (IoT) is changing the way we do things. Homes will never be the same again!

Every room in the house will feel its effects. However, a smart bathroom, in particular, can reap the rewards of this novel technology.

Are you looking to bring your new bathroom into the 21st century with smart technology?

Keep reading to discover the essential devices all smart bathrooms need this year.

A Quick Smart Home Definition

Let’s?begin with a brief outline of the internet of things.

A solid understanding of the concept may help homeowners embrace the idea. As you?ll see, IoT is the future. As we noted in the intro, IoT is the interconnectedness of everyday items and appliances via the internet.

The implications of IoT will extend into all areas of life. Work, transport, commerce, and so on will all feel its effects. The home is just another place that?s being transformed by it.

Standard houses have lots of separate and independent items and appliances. They operate manually at the push of a button or the flick of a switch. Smart homes, as they?re called, embrace IoT and all its many advantages (more on this next).

Everything from the microwave and kettle to the heating and the lights is connected via the internet. Controlled via remote (usually your phone), the entire house can be pre-programmed and/or operated in real-time from a central hub.

Smartphones work like an orchestra?s conductor, managing and controlling the different elements of the house. The result? Ultimate convenience. ?

The Benefits of Smart Bathrooms

The popularity of smart homes is thanks solely to the benefits they provide to homeowners.

Smart bathrooms are just one feature of a smart home. They also offer their own unique advantages to a house. These are worth exploring in greater detail.

As we noted above, convenience is a foundational benefit of smart technology. Lights turn themselves off, music plays by itself as per your request, motion sensors trigger security alerts, doors lock and unlock automatically.

Even better, all of it can be controlled remotely. You can be on the other side of the world and check the situation at home using your phone. Smart tech welcomes comfort and waves goodbye to undue uncertainty, worry, and concern.

The same newfound convenience, comfort, and peace of mind apply to smart bathrooms.

As you?ll see, everything from automatic leak detection and prevention, personalized toilet and showering experiences, and humidity regulation is made possible. Smart bathrooms also enjoy higher levels of hygiene, greater functionality, and lower energy costs.

90% of people already use their mobile phone in the bathroom. It makes logical sense to put it to use in control of interconnected bathroom features and functions. All told, IoT promises to deliver a revolutionary bathroom experience.

Keep reading to find out the specific smart devices you need to do it.

Top?9 Smart Home Bathroom Essentials

With the basics covered, let?s turn to the real meat of the post.

It?s time to learn exactly how to curate the perfect smart bathroom in 2019. The following devices would all come in handy in any modern bathroom setup. Enjoy!

1. Mirrors

Smart mirrors add novel functionality to the age-old desire to check your appearance.

Typical mirrors are an essential part of any bathroom. Almost everybody needs one to help with their morning shave, style their hair and generally see how they look.

Modern mirrors do all that and more, adding new features and special capabilities. Smart mirrors function more like computers than anything else!

Imagine looking in the mirror and getting personalized beauty and makeup tips. Imagine checking your hair and being told the news and weather in the process. Expect them to transform into lights when not being used, to display photos, or as a platform to check social feeds. ?

Those are just a select few examples of what smart mirrors can do.

Sounds good? The Horizontal Vanity Touch bathroom mirror from Byecold is a great option.

2. Speakers

Who doesn?t love listening to music in the bathroom?!

Whether it?s lively songs to sing to in your morning shower, or peaceful ambient tracks to enjoy in the bath, music always goes down a treat.

Smart speakers make this more possible than ever before. Standard speakers and radios can struggle in the damp, humid environment. Let?s face it, electronic equipment rarely mingles well with water. Enter the value of smart bathroom speakers.

These days, you can find showerheads with Bluetooth speakers built into them (more on these later). Likewise, you could link everyday waterproof speakers with voice control systems. Simply shout your song choices over the sound of running water to create the ultimate musical bathroom experience.

The Ultimate Ears BLAST waterproof speaker could be just what you need.

Here are some more smart home entertainment options to peruse.

3. Lighting

Lighting goes hand in hand with smart home technology.

You can link the two together in all manner of ways. You can program lights to turn on and off at particular times, use voice commands to alter their brightness and control everything from your phone.

All of these are options are possible in the bathroom too. Imagine walking into the bathroom in the middle of the night. Motion sensors could trigger lights to turn onto a comfortable level.

You can see enough without being blinding in your semi-conscious state! Need to change the levels? Use voice control to make it happen, or log onto your smartphone.

Smart lighting and smart mirrors are another match made in heaven. Some mirrors will have adjustable lights as part of their design. Buying these products kills two birds with one stone, allowing you to adjust the lighting in the bathroom whenever necessary.

Alternatively, buying something like the Eufy Lumi Night Light will do it for you. These clever contraptions monitor lighting levels and turn on whenever it gets too low.

These smart lightbulbs should help out at home too.

4. Showers

Showers are getting ever smarter too.

We?ve already mentioned how showerheads now come with Bluetooth speakers attached. That handy addition only scratches the surface of smart shower capabilities though.

Showerheads can be adjusted to provide the perfect personalized shower experience. The level of spray, power, and heat can be pre-programmed or altered via voice or smartphone. Set the duration in advance and enjoy warm lighting as part of the showerhead.

Clever LED lighting can make a difference elsewhere too. Dials and faucets are a thing of the past; glowing red or blue LEDs reveal the temperature instead.

That functionality?s no mere gimmick. It works as a safety feature too, measuring the temperature accurately and telling you when it?s ready. Imagine showering your children and failing to realize it?s scalding hot. Smart showers help prevent such scenarios.

5. Tubs

Smart bathtubs are now becoming commonplace too.

Nothing beats a relaxing soak in the bath; nothing?s worse than running one that ends up too hot or too cold! Imagine being able to control the temperature and experience with your voice.

You get the ideal temperature setting, depth, and range of bathtub settings (such as a whirlpool spa). Some smart tubs will even clean themselves after they?ve been used.

Imagine the joy of getting back home from a long day?s work. Walking through the door you give the simple voice instruction to run a bath. You set your things down, get undressed, and walk into the bathroom with a bath ready and waiting.

Even better, you could set it to happen on the route home! Use your phone to do it automatically.

There?s an aesthetic value to smart bathtubs too. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and designs, you can find the ideal addition to the look of your new bathroom. Standalone baths, in particular, are worth considering for this purpose.

6. Toilets

No smart bathroom is complete without a smart toilet.

Get ready for revolutionary toilet experience. They offer a hands-free experience. Toilet paper can turn into a thing of the past. Jets of temperature-controlled water can spray you clean, and the air dryers handle the rest.

Other helpful additions include heated seats with motion sensors attached. You?ll never have to sit on an ice-cold seat again. Even better, those seats will lower/raise themselves into position as and when required.

All told, smart toilets provide an easy, comfortable, and hygienic experience. If you?re a tech-lover with a particular dislike of germs, they?ll make a vital addition to your smart home.

7. Voice Control

Voice control has come up a number of times already in this post.

As you can tell, it can play a central role in all smart home functionality. As we?ve noted, smart technology can be controlled remotely via your mobile phone. However, devices known as smart assistants can perform the same roles too. This time, though, they?re controlled via your voice.

Spoken commands are picked up and acted upon in line with the smart tech in the house. It?s literally like having your very own assistant. The most famous of these are Amazon?s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple?s Siri.

They?re already popular around the United States. Indeed, over 110 million people are expected to use them every month this year. That figure represents an enormous leap versus previous years.

These digital assistants can play a special role in the bathroom. Controlling everything with your voice means less chance of electrocution and water-damaged electric devices.

Lights can be turned on, off and to the appropriate brightness. Speakers can play your favorite song. The temperature of your shower can be adjusted. It?s all possible without having to touch anything at all.

8. Faucets

Next up is your faucets.

Faucets are the unspoken hero of bathrooms. They serve a vital purpose and, for small items, can make a mighty difference in overall aesthetic appearance. Smart faucets take it to the next level.

These run via motion sensors, meaning the water starts when you place your hands beneath them.?It turns off when you remove your hands. It?s a double-whammy of goodness: you enjoy greater convenience while saving water in the process.

Furthermore, you can set the temperature settings in advance and adjust with your voice (if you have a voice assistant in operation).

Added functionality arises by programming faucets to run for a set time period. You limit water consumption (and waste).

The Delta Trinsic VoiceIQ faucet is a great place to start.

9. Pipes

Smart pipes aren?t exactly the most glamorous part of a smart bathroom.

They do, however, serve a pivotal function in the house.

Imagine being away from home and springing a leak. Unbeknownst to you, the water?s running into your house, steadily filling it with water. Furniture, carpets, and electrics can be destroyed; the cost of repairs can run to thousands of dollars.

Smart pipes stop all that from happening. By monitoring water usage they can establish whether you?ve sprung a leak somewhere. They can then automatically turn off the water supply to prevent the situation from worsening.

Of course, monitoring water consumption helps in other ways too. Most houses use between 80 and 100 gallons of water every day. That?s a huge amount, which has repercussions on the environment and your bank balance!

Smart pipes mean you can track the appliances that use the most water and alter course to conserve it.

Time to Wrap Up

Smart technology is revolutionizing homes around the world.

Connecting items and appliances via the internet promise to alter everything we know about living in a house; ordinary homes will soon be a thing of the past.

Bathrooms are one part of the house that stands to see particular changes. As we?ve seen,?all sorts of smart devices?are emerging to make bathrooms that bit more comfortable, convenient and functional.

Hopefully, this post has highlighted a selection of smart bathroom essentials to inspire and satisfy your future bathroom needs.

Invested in masses of smart technology and looking for ideas on how to keep it secure? Click here to see the smart security systems that can help.

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