7 Smart TV Essential Features

Did you know that roughly 46 million households use a smart TV monthly?

Mobile phones have become the base of control within your house for some time. However, smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular in the home and offer many different entertainment options.

Instead of missing your favorite shows and movies you can get a smart tv that will keep you on track and also serve as a utility and safety measure.

Continue reading to discover smart tv features that will help improve your life and make searching more efficient.

What Is a Smart TV?

A smart TV is a platform or system that gives you access to manage and view online media content without having to connect to another box. Smart TVs automatically come with apps installed in the system.

You can make your TV smart by purchasing streaming boxes such as Roku, Firestick, and Apple TV. This will give you access to most applications for streaming however, it does not include all of the capabilities a smart TV would have.

Smart TVs access all of the apps and features through your internet. You can connect your TV through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Many people find that Ethernet is the most stable and reliable option for connection to your TV.

Once connected to the internet, your TV will direct you to a home page that typically shows you the pre-installed apps that the TV came with. You can download specific apps in the store. When you click on the apps, you are directly taken to their content pages.

Not all smart TVs are the exact same, each platform has its own navigation through apps. They also may have a different place to download apps and for finding the universal search button.

Many people are getting rid of cable completely because smart TVs have so much to offer. With the variety of apps avaialable, it is easy to watch your current shows and new movies without having to pay for cable.

Smart TV Features

Before jumping into all of the amazing features that a smart tv has to offer, it is important to have an understanding of what makes it different when compared to normal tv. This tv is set up by connecting to your home internet, once connected you can download your preferred apps (most tv kits come with them already installed) and login to your accounts.

Your tv will?run apps similar?to a mobile phone making it easy to use and straight forward. Many people prefer smart TVs because they?offer easy to use platforms that will point you in the right direction for searching for shows and movies.

Smart TVs can often be mistaken for other TVs that offer internet services. A smart TV is unlike internet TV, which receives television content through the internet. IPTV is also different from a smart TV because it is used for television broadcasting. Web television is not a smart TV either because it broadcasts on internet TV.

Many smart TVs come with set-top boxes. These boxes display output to a television set. They are the external source of the signal that allows access to your tv and internet applications.

Smart TVs are constantly improving, check out our take on how smart TVs will change over time.

Below are 7 of the most popular smart tv features that you should consider getting.

1. Streaming Services

Many people already use streaming services through their phones and television. Smart TVs have pre-installed applications that you can use to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Some of the most popular streaming services are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video (and music), YouTube, Pandora, Pluto TV, Sling, and many others. The cheaper and more standard smart TVs may offer fewer apps to select from than a more expensive model would have.

Netflix is the most popular video streaming app that people download.? Netflix offers a wide variety of movie genres and television shows. Netflix even has its own originals that are becoming increasingly popular.

You can also download specific tv and movie channel apps that only have content from that station. Some of these apps would be like HBO Go, Fox Now, Showtime, Food Network, Cartoon Network, and almost any other popular channel you can think of.

2. Voice Integration

Voice integration is a very popular feature that comes with smart TVs. Because smart TVs offer so many apps for your music, tv, and movies, it can be hard to remember which app you saw them on.

Most smart TV remotes have a microphone button that you press and speak in to. You can search for anything and the voice assist button will instantly pull up anything that relates to your search.

You can even set up your Alexa account or Siri with your TV. This gives you the ability to turn your TV on or off from across the room just by speaking.

If you are looking to make your house into a smart home you can read other ways to use voice control?in your house.

3. Home Features

Smart TVs offer many different home features. One of the most popular features is controlling your lights in the house. No longer will you need to get out of bed and watching a movie to turn off the lights. Instead, you can use your tv and remain comfortable!

Smart TVs even have the ability to control the temperature in your house. Have you ever considered getting a smart thermostat for your home? If so, you can read about the importance of a smart thermostat to help make your decision.

There is an app called Nest camera that helps you keep an eye on your family and home that is also compatible with your smart TV. This app records all sounds and goes 24/7. It can hold footage for up to 30 days.

This app is really cool because you can set up motion and sound alerts that get sent directly to your phone. It is also easy to locate specific footage that was saved.

Ring doorbell is another great application that you can use with your smart TV. This app can help ensure the security of your family and let you see what’s going on around your house. You won’t have to worry about your kids opening the door to strangers when home alone either.

You can even connect a Roomba vacuum?to your smart TV. Instead of having to pause and wait for your movie because the house is a mess you can use your remote to start the vacuum and continue to relax.

Smart TVs also offer door locking apps so that you can lock the door and let friends or family in all while sitting at the couch.

4. Screen Share Compatability

Screen share compatibility is a way to connect your mobile phone to your tv and have the display screens matching. If you are wanting to pull up something on the internet quickly on your phone and show others, this is now possible.

You can share photos and videos without connecting to the TV with cords. Screen share can be used by as many people as you would like, it is not just limited to the original user.

If you are unsure how to share your phone screen with?an LG TV?you can learn how to set it up quickly and easily. Many smart TV brands come with this feature because it is convenient for the buyer and can even help you with work!

Screen sharing is typically?set up under the?Wi-Fi or Bluetooth options. Many people find this feature to be user-friendly and easy to set up.

5. 4K Resolution and HDR Streaming

What is 4k resolution??4k resolution means that it is four times the pixel resolution, making your image extremely clear and defined. Many streaming services produce higher quality images but built in 4k and HDR gives you the highest quality.

The high dynamic range (HDR) streaming heightens the picture’s range. It controls the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks on your screen. This makes the quality of your image enhanced because you can see each shade and tone on the screen.

Let’s face it, smart TVs won’t be the cheapest purchase you make. Purchasing a TV that offers 4k resolution and HDR streaming will give you the best quality on screen and will be compatible with future technologies.

6. Universal Search

This feature makes locating whatever you want easy and quick. You can go to the home search and enter in any show, movie, song, or video name and it will go through all of the apps you have and identify where you can get them at.

The universal search feature is becoming more popular because people are using multiple streaming devices and can easily forget where they previously saw what they are looking for.

Another reason that the search is so important is that it can potentially save you money. Many people end up renting or purchasing a movie or episode on Amazon Video (or another streaming device) when the exact movie is in one of your apps for free.

Not only can you search for popular episodes and movies, but you can also look up podcasts and music. Even if a song is not on an app you can still listen to it through the internet or YouTube app.

7. Automatic Recommendations

This is a really cool feature because your TV can track your watching patterns and identify new shows or movies that you might also enjoy. This helps you save time and gives you the opportunity to experience videos that you may have overlooked.

The automatic recommendations are especially useful when your child is watching tv and you don’t want to continue to get up and search for shows they may enjoy. Most videos automatically start after the previous show or movie has ended.

Not only does this work for television shows and movies, but it also works for music streaming and video games.

Many apps, such as Netflix and Amazon Video, track the shows you watch and create “lists” of movies and shows in that same category. This is convenient because most people have a preference for what they enjoy watching and this lets them see all of the options.

Get Your Stream on

There are an endless amount of smart tv features that you can get at home. Technology is constantly adapting to this new way of life that involves voice activated utilities and high internet speed.

Finding the correct smart tv can be easy if you have an understanding of the capabilities it has and being aware of the applications you would like to have. Many smart TVs have limited capabilities for home apps, so it is important to check what your options are.

Getting a smart tv is a great first step when trying to create a smart home because of all the features it includes and is compatible with. They are a convenient way to watch all of your favorite shows and movies without the headache of searching for hours.

Be sure to do thorough research before purchasing a smart tv so that you don’t miss out on some of the best apps to keep your house in control. There’s no reason not to when you control everything with a simple remote.

Check out 15 of the best apps that you can download to your tv that won’t disappoint you!

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