7 Best Smart Security Systems to Keep Your Home Safe

Have you already figured out what you need in a smart security system for your home and how to protect yourself from hackers?

As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can shop for almost anything you want online using your smartphone, PC or other internet-enabled devices. That said, not all products out there are created equal. Hence, you should make sure you’re buying a smart home security system.

Be sure to do thorough research online on the product you?re considering buying. Look for a reputable company or supplier to ensure you get the best of what the smart home security systems market has to offer.

So what are the best security systems available for modern homeowners?

The list is quite long but here?s a rundown on the top 7 home security systems to keep your home safe.

1. SimpliSafe Security Alarms

With the heightened risk of burglaries and break-ins across the U.S., you can?t overlook the fact that your home is also a potential target.

One of the best home security systems that you can invest in is the SimpliSafe system. You?re going to love it even more if you?re a do-it-yourself enthusiast. This home security system is not only easy to install, but also quite affordable. This is because it attracts no monthly fee.

There are more perks for you.

Unlike several other self-install home security systems found on the market today, SimpliSafe alarm systems won?t stop working even when there?s a power outage. These alarm systems come with back-up batteries that will keep your alarm system going for days.

Apart from intruders, this system can detect other types of movement on and around your home. The good news is that you won?t be buying the system to protect your home from intruders alone. The system can also detect flooding, fires, earthquake, and any other natural disasters.

The whole system, from the different sensors to the tiny smart cam that comes with it is controlled using a single device.

Once you get your hands on the remote device, you will be able to control your system from anywhere. You will only need to punch in the security code and you will be good to go.

2. Ring Alarm Security System

Second, on the list is the Ring alarm security system. This self-install security system is affordable and can work for any home. You can choose from a range of whole-home security kits. These are the 5-, 10- and 14-piece kits.

This world-class home security system is smart, meaning you won?t have to worry about your home security while at work, sleeping or even on holiday.

This smart system will do all the hard work for you. You will receive alerts when any part of your system is triggered. This way, you can save time and energy working on other things. You won?t be worrying about the security of your home anymore.

Once you buy the system, you will be in possession of a contact sensor, motion sensor, hub, and an impressive keypad. This does not mean that you can?t any other sensors.

With this security alarm system, the hub allows you to install as many sensors as possible. Depending on the size of your home, you can add as many sensors as possible.

To beef up your home security, the system also allows for customized cameras. These may include doorbells, door cameras and cameras at the gate.

However, these are no ordinary cameras. Connected to the contact and motion sensors, the cameras will be able to hover around once movement is detected. This way, you will be able to get a clear picture of whom or what is approaching.

3. Vivint Home Security System

Are you a tech-savvy person? Are you in the market for a home security system that is light-years ahead of its time? Well, if your answers are yes, Vivint is the system you are looking for.

Armed with state-of-the-art cameras, sensors, thermostats and doorbells, Vivint is the system that has taken the home security market by storm. Even better, this system is compatible with Google. This means that you can know what?s going on in your home no matter which part of the globe you are.

Unlike many other smart systems on the market today, the Vivint system comes with additional sensors, cameras, and even a smart thermostat. You can never ignore the fact that your home isn’t immune to break-ins. This may happen when you have lackluster motion detectors, contact detectors and cameras in place.

To kick your home security up a notch, Vivint offers you a unique thermostat. This will ensure instant recording of your indoor temperatures.

In simple terms, the thermostat guarantees your home an extra shield of security. After all, why not go for the best if you intend to secure yourself, family, and valuables?

4. Nest Secure Home Security Systems

Are you looking for a security system that you can manage by your own without extra help? The Nest Secure system is best for no-contract monitoring. If you’re looking for a system with full automation capability for your home, this security system will work well.

It goes without saying that the security of your home is of utter importance. Not only are you and your family guaranteed a good night?s sleep, but it also ensures that your prized possessions are kept secure.

However, many home security systems come with an extra management cost. This means that apart from coughing out monthly subscription charges, your home privacy will no longer be in your hands.

Some people don?t mind that. Even so, a vast majority of buyers are continuously hitting the market for a security system that they can manage without extra help and cost. This is exactly what Nest security system offers you.

Apart from the normal devices such as a hub, camera, motion and contact sensor, Nest security cameras come with extra goodies. This includes a satellite detect sensor, designed to guard your doors, windows and any other openings in your home.

The best thing about this package is that you can customize it to match your exact needs. This way, they can be able to move around your house without setting off the alarm.

Depending on the size of your home, you can buy as many motion detectors, contact detectors, and cameras to guarantee you your safety. To top it all, the installation process is quite easy and you can do it yourself.

5. Adobe Home Security Systems

Adobe has once again hit the home security market with a bang. Just like the previous editions, the company has once again furnished the industry with a smart yet beautiful package.

Most homeowners have already acquired the system and you can rest assured that good reviews are streaming in fast! But what does this system entail? You may be wondering. Let?s get into the nitty-gritty.

To start off, this system is designed to impress. The starter kit comes with a beautiful hub device, a motion sensor, contact sensor, and a door sensor. Even more impressive is the key lock that comes with the package. This key is designed with simplicity to enable you easy of entry to your home.

Unlike other systems, the Abode home security system is wireless. This will guarantee you wide coverage of your home without having to deal with crumpled wires.

Once you set the hub at the desired spot, you will be good to go. All you will be required to do is to install the other components like motion sensors according to the manual.

Once the devices are up and running, you can then download the Adobe system app on your Smartphone. This will give you access to the cameras and sensors 24/7 from any location.

What?s more, you can add as many motion sensors, contact sensors, and cameras as you want at your pleasure.

The Abode security system is simply made to secure your home at the most efficient cost. You can choose to pick from three subscription options offered.

The monitoring service offers a three-day, weekly and monthly subscription bouquet. This versatility enables you to choose the one that best suits you.

6. ADT Home Security Systems

Like any other industry, the home security market has its own culture. Culture, in this context, is about reputable companies that have been there for decades. These companies have crafted a positive image with the clients and have gained insurmountable trust. When it comes to the home security sector, ADT is one such brand.

To maintain its tradition, the company has once again introduced an updated security system.

The best thing about ADT is that they have broadened their business wings through partnering with other technology giants such as Samsung. This is to ensure that you choose from a wide variety of systems available a security protocol that best suits your home.

To keep up with the market trends, ADT has also produced security devices like smoke detectors, motion detectors, contact sensors, and cameras. These devices come as a package that once you buy, you are offered free installation. This is quite unique and unlike many systems out in the market.

Most importantly, you will have a topnotch security system at a pocket-friendly price.

7. Scout Home Security Systems

In the home security market, Scout?s system has set itself apart as an option that?s flexible.

What makes this security system flexible? Well, it?s customizable, self-install, Wi-Fi, and is compatible with an array of smart devices

In this context, Scout will allow you to build a system that is customized to your liking. This includes the components of the system, number of sensors, cameras, and color of the system among others.

This home security service is a pre-ordered service where you choose the specs of the system in accordance with your preference. For example, you have identified 12 spots that need camera coverage in your home.

While other brands may fail to offer such a large number of camera coverage, you have the opportunity to do so with Scout. All you need to is to place your order and preference and you will be good to go.

Additionally, the system comes with a monitoring service. This as well offers a flexible package. The package runs on a monthly basis. This can prove beneficial to you. While you enjoy your customized security, you will have ample time to organize your finances to meet the payment deadlines.

As if that?s not enough, Scout has ensured that apart from product flexibility, the monthly payments are also flexible. You can decide to pay in small weekly installments to achieve the monthly target.

Are you aware that Scout alarm system is one of the security systems that are compatible with Amazon Echo?

Now, how cool is that?

A Smart Security System Installation Helps Bolster Your Home Security

Choosing the right smart security system for your home is just one of the first steps towards automating your home. There?s so much more to home security than just fitting motion sensors, contact detectors, and/or cameras.

Consider the specific type of smart locks, motion detectors, cameras and contact detectors you?re considering installing in your home.

Most importantly, seek professional advice on which security systems are best for your home. Remember that every home?s security needs are different.

Want to learn how to beef up your home security with smart door locks? You?re welcome to check out our blog.

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