17 Great Uses for Smart Lights

In 2018, the smart tech market grew by more than 65%.

The demand for smart technology continues to grow, as more and more people realize the possibilities that it can offer.

One of the most?popular smart tech devices is smart lighting. Simple to set up and easy to use, smart lights are a great way to dip your toe into the smart home waters. And smart lights are a lot more useful than many people realize.

Read on as we take a look 17 great uses for smart lights that you might never have considered.

1. Put Your Lights on a Schedule

Smart lights allow you to turn them on and off via an app or even via your Google Home or Amazon Echo.

But you can also set your lights to turn on and off to a set schedule. You can set individual lights or even groups of lights to switch on at specific times, whether on specific days, or every day of the week.

It means that instead of going around your house turning off lights before you go to bed, you can leave them be knowing that they will turn themselves off at the set time. And come the morning, you won’t have to stumble around in the dark as you can set your lights to come on at the same time that your alarm goes off.

2. Save Energy

Modern LED lights don’t use a huge amount of energy, but leaving them on all the time is just a waste of money, especially when you’re not using them. If you have geolocation set up on your smartphone, you can set up your smart lights to turn off whenever you leave the house. 

And by using motion sensors, you can also set them up to turn off after a specific amount of time, and only turn on again if they sense motion in that specific room. It allows you to move around the house having the lights magically turn on in the rooms you enter, and switch off in the ones you leave.

Since you’re only using the lights when you actually need them, you’ll save energy.

3. Change up Your Decor

Most smart lights come in either white or multicolored options. 

If you choose multicolored lights and position them wisely in your room, you can actually alter the color of the room whenever you wish. By leaving your walls a neutral color, they will reflect whatever color of light your smart lights are displaying. 

Feeling stressed? Set your lights to calming blue and you’ll feel like your floating in a calm sea. Spring on its way? Set your lights to yellow and spring can come to you. 

You can have a different color scheme every day.

4. Light up Your Return Home

Tired of coming home to a cold, dark house? Smart tech can sort that out for you.

Smart thermostats can be programmed to turn on when you get close to home so that your house is warm and toasty by the time you get back. And your smart lights can be set up to turn on to welcome you home too. 

That means no more fumbling to open the door because you can’t see the lock. 

5. Find Your Way to the Bathroom

If you wake up in the night and need to visit the bathroom, stumbling through your house in the dark can be a real pain.

But at the same time, you don’t want to turn the lights on because once you do, you know you’re going to spend the next three hours trying to get back to sleep again. All you need to do is set up some motion sensors and when you get up in the night, your smart lights will turn on at a low level.

That means you’ll have enough light to find your way to the bathroom, but not so much that you’ll wake yourself right up.

6. Get Alerts

Many of us have our smartphones set to silent, for no other reason than to stop the embarrassment of having your ringtone go off in public.

The trouble is, it’s easy to miss those important calls or that hilarious WhatsApp message. But smart lights can give you a visual signal that you’ve got a message waiting. A quick flash of your lights will be much harder to miss than a buzz in your pocket.

And you can even set up different patterns for different alerts. Two white flashes for a message, three purple flashes for a call. If you have other smart tech, you can even have your lights give you serious warnings, like flashing red if your smoke alarm is activated.

7. Know Who’s Home

This same method can be used to inform you when members of your family return home.

Using geolocation, your lights can be set to turn on, change color, flash, or whatever else you choose whenever a member of your family comes home. If you really want to take things to the next stage, you could get a small lamp for each family member. Whenever they leave, the lamp would turn off, and whenever they return, it would come back on again.

That way you will always know at a glance who is home. 

8. Group Your Lights

The beauty of smart lights is that you can set them up however you wish. 

You can have twenty individual lights, all controlled separately. But you can also form them into groups. You could have a group for the ground floor, or one for all the bedrooms, or one for inside lights and one for outside.

And each light can be part of more than one group, giving you complete control of which lights you turn on and off with your different commands. Best of all if you want to turn off every light in the house, you can do it with a single click or spoken command.

9. Wake Yourself up

There’s nothing worse during the winter than having to get up when it’s still pitch black outside.

And then you turn your lights on and have to deal with the shock of going from pitch black to bright light. Smart lights can solve that problem for you. Simply program them with the time that you want to get up, and you can get them to gradually increase in brightness until it’s time for you get out of bed.

By slowly increasing the light level it allows you to wake up slowly without the shock of going from night to day in an instant.

10. Fall Asleep

The same technique will also work in reverse. 

When it’s time for bed, climb between the sheets, and let your smart tech slowly dim the lights until it’s completely dark. You can set it up to do this so slowly that it’s almost imperceptible.

This is particularly useful if you have kids that don’t like falling to sleep in the dark. At bedtime simply set up the lights to slowly dim over a period of time. By the time the lights have finally gone out, they should already be fast asleep.

11. Making Movie Night Magical

There’s nothing quite like going to the movies.

A big part of the thrill is watching the screen whilst sat in the dark. And you can recreate the cinema experience at home with your smart lights. By connecting to other smart tech, you can have your favorite movie start to play as the lights come down, all with a single command.

And if you need to visit the bathroom in the middle of the movie, just give the pause command, and the show will stop and the lights will come up. When you’re ready to go, enjoy the thrill of seeing your lights come slowly down again as the movie starts to play.

12. Turn Your Party into a Disco

A house party can be great, but it’s not quite the same as being in a nightclub.

Unless that is, you have some smart lights. You can set them up to flash through their different colors, making you feel like you’re in Saturday Night Fever. Not only will they flash at regular intervals, but you can even set them up to flash in time with the beat of the music that is playing.

You’ll never need to party anywhere else ever again.

13. Know What To Wear

It’s a question that has troubled mankind for millennia: what should I wear today?

Until you look out the window, check your weather app, or consult your barometer, you’re never sure how many layers to wear or whether you need that raincoat.

Well, now you can have your smart lights give you that information without you even needing to ask. By linking them to weather apps, you can have your lights turn on in the morning to be blue if it’s going to be cold, or red if it’s going to be warm. You can set different colors for rainy, windy, even for snow.

14. Home Security

Smart home security devices are highly popular. 

And you can link them with your lights to improve your ability to stay safe in your home. Your lights can flash to give you an alert if a motion detector is set off, or there is movement on one of your security cameras.

And if you have smart door locks you can even have the lights flash on to remind you that you’ve forgotten to lock the doors when you go to bed.

15. Illuminate Cupboards

No matter how great your lighting is, it’s always dark inside your cupboards.

Unless you install small smart lights inside them. They can be set up to turn on when you open the cupboard door. Once the door closes, they will turn off again, waiting until the next time you open it.

It means that you’ve always got perfect illumination in your cupboards, without wasting any excess energy. After all, if it’s good enough for your fridge…

16. Celebrate When Your Team Wins

When you watch a sporting event live, the atmosphere is incredible. That feeling when your team scores or wins the game is electric.

It’s not quite the same when you’re watching at home on your own. But all that can change with some smart lights. By linking them to an app that provides real-time sports updates, you can have your lights flash on in your team colors whenever they score.

Link it to your smart speakers too and you can even simulate the roar of the crowd. And if your team ends up losing, some soft lighting in soothing colors will help to soften the blow.

17. Keep Your Kids on Task

Bedtime is one of the greatest challenges of every parent.

Trying to convince them that it’s time to stop playing and start tidying up is a tough ask. So instead of you having to pester them, let your smart lights do it. Set them up to change color at a certain time. 

When they turn amber it means it’s time to start tidying up. And when they finally turn red that means bedtime has arrived. After all, they can’t argue with a light!

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