//What is a Smart Home?

What is a Smart Home?

Technology really is a marvel. Technological advancement brings about a new product to the technological industry. Have you ever thought about being able to manage your house easily with just a click of a button? Have you heard about a smart house?

A smart home resembles a normal home. The only difference is that it has a very advanced type of system automation. This system automation aids the inhabitants of the house in monitoring and controlling the functions in the premises. The people who have access to the home can monitor and control the system of the whole building and functions like security, temperature, lighting and even door and window operations.

Which Available Technologies are in Smart homes?

It is discouraging for most people to fit their already wired property with smart home technology since it expensive. Retrofitting entails rerouting wires and installing sensory appliances around the vicinity. Cut down on costs by building a new house with good support wiring and automation controls. The other alternative is to buy an already fitted house.

The smart home acts as a central system that works with the use of smart home appliances. These appliances work with this central system to give the user a new experience. It comes about as an instrument that the smart home uses to make the life of the user easier. There are various smart home technologies in the market. They keep updating or coming up with new ones with time. Below are a couple of technologies available in smart homes. These technologies receive commands and work to ensure the implementation of the commands.

  1. Security system

If you seek to fit your home with a security system then a smart home security system is the way to go. It is reliable and fully functional. With the use of movement sensors and cameras, all integrated to your smart phone. This technology is one of a kind, as it keeps you updated on the progress and status of your premises and possessions at any time of the day and anywhere across the world. Distance is not an issue for the smart home security system. It saves you the cost of hiring a security company. You will be in-charge of who enters and steps out of your premises, with the aid of the smart lock system on all doors and windows. This security advancement is like no other.

  1. Lighting system

The lighting system of the smart home is fully equipped to handle all light related operations. It can also work with the security system as automation for when the door is unlocked or locked. It senses the presence of the user in a room and responds accordingly. On top of this, the smart lighting system can run on a schedule. You can schedule the lights to switch on or off depending on the time of the day, which also feeds into the security aspect of the smart home. The installation of the lighting retrofitting is fun and easy to do, meaning that it is not complex, in comparison to fitting the other systems. The intensity of the light is also under control, through the dimmer switches and lights.

  1. Water system

The smart water system is good for people who are rarely around to check on the operations of the house. The aim of the water system is to help the user conserve enough water and prevent prior damage to the water system. The water system shuts down the mains as a prevention method for impending damage of the water system. Additionally, your pool system can pre-heat, as a way of saving time to ensure that by the time the user arrives at the vicinity the pool system is already ready. The application will also inform the user of any blockages in the pool system pipes to prevent the formation of ponds. The user can also schedule the water system for irrigation, to prevent the drying up of plants in the compound.

  1. Entertainment system

With the state of the art smart home entertainment system, the user can plan ahead of the party. The system can access the user’s information and search for songs in the user’s phone playlist. The sound system of the house is manageable with a simple press of a button. The user can also schedule the system to work with the security system, so that the smart home can welcome the user home with their favorite playlist. This is definitely the greatest invention since pie.

  1. Air conditioning system

The smart home air conditioning system incorporates air conditioning, heating and ventilation. These three work hand-in-hand to provide the user with a serene and clean home environment. The system acquires all the necessary information from the habits of the user and incorporates this into its daily functions. The idea is for the user to access the system minimally. This helps save time and energy. The ventilation system detects any slight change in weather and responds by either shutting or opening. This prevents any leakages into the house in case of rainy weather, while the user is a distance away. The heating system is also well equipped to detect any habitual preferences of the user. The system then responds by either lowering or increasing temperature. The heating system is also capable of detecting the distance of the user from the home through the smartphone. This will help it to prepare the home temperature for your arrival. It can also detect if someone is in a room and gauge the required temperature.

Smart homes are fun and exciting to use. They aim at providing a different home experience while saving energy and cost. The efficiency of your home will never be the same again. The customization option of smart homes creates limitless benefits that you and your family get to choose and incorporate into your lifestyle. Imagining being able to manage and secure your possessions from anywhere around the world and at any time, this is the benefit of a smart home.

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